Wednesday, July 1, 2009

tiển anh một chén rượu tàn, một bàn tay nắm một hàng lệ mau

" tiển anh một chén rượu tàn
một bàn tay nắm một hàng lệ mau
cuộc cờ thế sự binh đao
phút giây tái ngộ ngàn sau biết còn "


New layout! Not perfect but I'm content with it. I like the basic layout a lot. The picture up top is OK, but it can be changed easily when I feel like it. And the colors are easily changeable too so, hopefully this is good.

Everybody should watch Queen Seon Duk, excellent series. It's currently airing (in Korea...?) so the subbed epis only come out every Tuesday and Wednesday and I've caught every one so far. It might be one of those series that only I can like. It's about war and palace politics and intricacies and culture and tradition and such, a lot of really good scenes. Some even make me teary eyed, and they're not even love-scenes. They're scenes like when the main character's unit decided to be bait to allow the other soldiers to escape, even though the other soldiers always looked down on his unit and ridiculed him. And then somehow they manage to make it through and the whole unit, muddy, tired, injured, finally limps back to base camp, gahhh it's excellent! Can't wait for next week's epis!

On another note, I really wanna buy some make-up off of The prices are pretty low right now, but I kinda wanna wait around for another sale. Then again, I don't know when they'll even have another sale so....argh...well...I probably won't be able to wait past the next two if there's a sale then I'll buy it before TN camp, and if there's still no sale, then I'll buy it after the camp.

The camp was just a marking point, no big deal. Lolz. But I think it'll be the first year that both Otouto and I are going to camp at the same time so, cool! And hopefully all the girls'll come and it'll be fun. Fingers crossed though!

Hermmmmmmm I just wanted to do a quick little random post so I can post some pictures. I really like pictures. : )


O yea, I've been watching this anime called Mom's Life Kaasan (I think) and it's really cute. The little girl in there is a doll, swear!

Okie : )

Things I need to do:

Clean my room : ( - Like really, really clean it up.
Buy make-up. - Mostly NYX stuff, mostly eye liners. I'm not a big eye-shadow person. : )
Start studying. : ) : (

I came home one day (after the Cali trip) and just found him here. Mother washed him and just left him! Otouto went past him into my room to play games...and just left him!!!
Poor adorable baby...

Chya ne!