Thursday, July 30, 2009

well you...knew if from the start...someday you'd break my h/e/a/r/t/ we're all through, so cry, cry for me...

I've been wanting to write for forever...But it seems so much is going on, I can't figure out what to write about!


Well, Reed has left for Australia. I won't see him again summer. ::tears!!::

That said, the topic of studying abroad came up with Mother and, surprisingly, Mother gave me permission to go. I know, it surprised everybody. But now that she's given me the option, I don't know if I want to go. I want to go to China, or Japan, but I don't know any Chinese or Japanese (On that, I'm also getting kind of nervous about me taking Chinese this Fall). That and also, my school is being such a biatch. I absolutely HATE George Mason. I'm fed up with their counselors, and the people who are supposed to help you. In short, if I do this studying abroad thing, I will have to figure it out on my own. Another reason why I don't want to go is, if I continue all 4 semesters here, and I somehow miraculously get all A's in every class, my GPA will only be as high as a 3.6. That will hardly get me in anywhere!!! If I study abroad, my credits won't transfer into my GPA, so it'll be even lower. I guess I could study abroad in the summer, but then I won't be able to work.

Idk...Mother says it's more important for me to study abroad. Now that's another thing. Now that she knows I can/should study abroad, she wants me to, which basically means I can't not.

Idk, I have no qualms about the actual studying abroad, I'm just terrified of the pre-study work. I should be getting used to complications by now but, every time life gets too complicated, I miss my dad more and more.

Ok, on another note. I bought a bunch of stuff off I can't wait until it comes. O, and I got a new cell phone. : ) I was kinda anxious about it because before I bought, I did so much research on three phones, and then the day I bought it, I impulsively chose the one I knew nothing about because it looked cool. : ) O wells, it's been alright so far, I guess.

I have no internet at home because we're upgrading and the people won't be by until next week to set it up.

I don't want to go to this training in Georgia. It's effin annoying. And so much freakin work. And all the shazz we're supposed to know before we come? I know like...1 thing off the list. I'm not even freakin kidding.

Hermmmmm....What else....................I'm not really sure. Lolz.

O big thing.... goals in life are basically:
1. Do well in school
2. Get a house/Get own place
3. Be successful and rich

I guess I'm doing alright in the first one. The second one...

I wanted to go to grad school far away. Circumstances had me go to undergrad at home, and aside from hating the school with an extreme passion, I don't mind too much that decision. For awhile though, I wanted to move out even though I was staying near home for school. I just wanted to get out! After awhile I accepted my fate and just stayed at home, but decided that no matter where I went to for grad school, I would still move out. After realizing that my GPA is so bad, I subconsciously accepted that I might have to go to school around here again, but even if that was so, I would still move out, so I spent awhile looking at studio apartments around here and in D.C.

But you know what, I want a house. I want a family home. I want to one day live in a mansion, but that's not happening anytime soon, so I'll settle for a nice townhouse, or a single home, with at least 4 bedrooms, a basement, big windows, big rooms, and a huge, open kitchen. And the other day, as I was thinking out loud to Otouto, I realized that I might just settle, once again, with my fate for the bigger picture. I really, REALLY want my own place...But...I also really want a house. And I want, for all her worth, to make my mother happy at least once, no matter how materialistic and superficial it is. I've always wanted to make her happy for my father's sake, and getting a nice house would do it, I hope. I've always realized that no matter what I do, it's not enough, but a house is THERE. It's freaking THERE, you can't deny it. I wouldn't mind living with her, if it was in a house. If the space was my own. Of course, after I get the family a house, I might very well move to New York...or Japan...or France...or CHINA! And work there for years and only use my room on occasion, who knows. But I just really want that house. Aside from a good paying job, that's the most important thing for me after grad school.

I don't know what it is, but I'm really starting to settle for my life. I settled with staying home for undergrad, I'm settling for staying around for grad...I'm settling for not having my own place. I don't know...I can't stand this apartment complex. My family are not dirty people but we have cockroachs everywhere! And every few months the stupid apartment management would do a chemical thing, which requires us to move all our kitchen stuff out of our kitchen, and the treatments wouldn't work. They've never worked!!! I want to move at least...but...I don't know.

Another thing, I like fresh beginnings. Whether it's...changing my blog name...getting a new planner...a new email address...or moving. The big things...I'm willing to put up with longer...but good is a house going to be for me if I'm a traveler? I mean...I guess the main point is just to have a house. So that my mother can live in it until she dies (creepy) my brother has a place to party if he wants, or bring his friends that I have a place to go when I'm on vacation from working in Japan...I don't know.

I guess the point is that...I feel like I'm in a rut. What the hell am I doing after undergrad? Going to grad school, I know...but where? And how? How am I going to pay for it? Am I going to study abroad? Where? HOW? How am I going to pay for it?? Where am I going to work after all this schooling? Where am I going to live?? Am I ever going to get my own place? Whether it's a flat or a house?

You know another thing...I'm kinda...IDK...anxious of living alone. I'd want a roommate, whether it be Reed or Otouto...I don't think I'd put up with anyone else (or the other way around)...but, honestly, no joke, don't laugh, all the horror movies I've sat through have given me a fear of empty places, that somehow leaked over to living alone. I think I've always been kind of afraid of being alone. That's why I can't do any work without the T.V. on in the background, I need the noise.

I hope I'm not settling for life. I think it's just with so much going on, and my ability to, unfortunately, adapt to other people's needs, I don't feel like...I don't know. I want to do diplomacy. I want to take over the world. I want to have affairs with all the hottest men on Earth (Rated R). I want to be on my own. But circumstance has made me...I don't know...settle with sticking around. I don't want to stay in Arlington, this area, forever. I will leave.'ll take longer than I'd hoped. That makes me sad.

On a more shallow note...I thought I would be making a lot of money this summer. But little things here and there...glasses...dresses for those stupid events...printer ink...make-up hauls...cell phones...all that shizz...has made me spend over $3000 so far. And now I'll need another hundred or so for the training in GA...a few hundred for books...and another few hundred for back to school supplies/clothes. Well...I thought I could save enough money for the Costa Rica and Europe trip but, I guess that'll have to be done later.

Things to be done later...this summer I wanted at least to get a start on learning some Chinese, to prepare me for taking Chinese at school this fall. I'm taking beginner's Chinese but just in case "beginner's" meant "I took Chinese in High School and this is just review," I wouldn't be too behind. But of course, I haven't gotten any studying done. I haven't been able to start going over my French. I haven't done anything with Japanese. I'm so...behind. This summer is...I don't know.

Well...this has been one long and confusing post. Ha...Well...I'm just glad I got a lot of things out. I don't think I made any decisions or said anything understandable in this post, but whatever. I'm feeling kind of down lately.

Chya, ne.


Monday, July 20, 2009

mamma mia, here i go again

We had a dance performance last night and it was awesome! The girls did really well, I'm so proud. Will put up picture later. : )

Saturday, July 18, 2009

told my girl we had to break up, hoped that she would call my bluff, then she said to my surprise, "big girls don't cry"

Big Girls Don't Cry - Jersey Boys (or the original by Frankie Vallie and the 4 Seasons is good too)

Cutest song ever! 

Friday, July 17, 2009

ok...the plan is to switch! remember that!

I thought I couldn't do it anymore.

But nope, I can fake it like the very best.

Monday, July 13, 2009

tonight you're mine completely...................tonight the light of love is in your eyes, my darling. but will you love me tomorrow?

I have 10000000000000000000 mosquito bites....everywhere!

The morning of the last day of camp I accidentally thought to myself how cool it was that I hadn't gotten bitten yet....and then I came home and they started popping up everywhere!

They'd better be just mosquito bites. >: ]

GAHHHH ITCHYYYY!!!!! I went to TN camp this weekend. Overall I'd say it was...pretty good.

Friday was a normal day. A. Phat made me do a bang reo at the bonfire, I had to go first. It was...alright. Lolz.

Then Saturday I was Truong Truc all day. I took a break before mass because...well because we were playing with water balloons and I got kinda really...really wet. But it was so fun!

Tro Choi Lon, the team I chaperoned came in 2nd. I helped Otouto's team a little bit with the cooking contest and they got 1st. I only helped a little tho. Those kids are good cooks! Lolz. : )

Sunday was water games and that was decent. Got home and was so tiredddd. on Saturday while I was Truong Truc, I actually didn't mind the kinds at all. It was the HT that really pissed me off. They just kept getting in my way! As the Truong Truc, what that basically means is that you're in charge. Of keeping time, of giving directions, of keeping the kids' spirits up, everything. Of course I had to take orders from A. Phong, and out of respect I listened to the other HT, but technically I was in charge. It was my first time and I'm not saying I was great at it, but half the time I screwed up because people kept giving me bad directions!


Ok so for example...this is one of the parts that really pissed me the cooking contest was ending A. Phong told me to tell the teams that they were to clean up their gas stoves and then bring them into the kitchen area and put them on the table in the middle. So I announced it to all the kids who were in the kitchen setting up as well as all the kids outside who were still finishing cooking. At one point A. Nguyen calls together the group leaders, even though they still had about 3 minutes left to cook/clean to tell them stuff. H.P. asks him what they were supposed to do with the pots and pans, and he says blah blah, then she asks him what they were supposed to do with the gas stoves, and he's like O...well...just leave them outside...and I'm standing right there so I go, No, you were supposed to clean them up and bring them in here. And A. Nguyen goes...Well, they didn't know. And I'm like, I announced it, many times, they should have known. And H.P. goes one did it so...(as in since no one did it, they shouldn't be punished for it...) And A. Nguyen goes...Yea, it's ok.

So I'm like...OK, and I just walk off. WTF? Like...WTF? A. Phong might've asked him to give directions to the team leaders about presenting their food to the judges of the cooking contest, but everything else they were supposed to take my orders. So why is it OK that no one cleaned up the stoves even though I had told them to? It was OK because H.P. said so??? How the fuck does that work?!

I hate having to work with and deal with the HT. There's a difference between giving advice and undermining people's authority. And all the HT were doing the second one. I don't mind advice, obviously it was my first time being TT, so I need the advice, but I definitely don't need the undermining of authority.

The girls in my cabin, bless their souls, had to go through my ranting like...all day long. Lolz. Sometimes I'm afraid of complaining about the HT to the girls because then they might not want to become HT...but I need them to become HT so we can overthrow this evil regime goshdammit!

Ok...anyway...screw it...A. Phong kept asking me if I was OK because obviously I kept getting pissed along the day...And I told him straight out that I was fine with the kids but that the HT were pissing me off. And he was comforting but...whatever. I told him after my shift was done on Saturday night that I didn't mind being Truong Truc, but only if it's about once a year.

Also, on Saturday some HT were visiting from Don Bosco. At one point I was lining up the kids to take pictures, and the HT were taking pictures while the kids were getting ready, and I hear someone say "Chi, sao Chi giu qua vay?" Which translates to "Why are you (is she) so mean?" And later I find out it was one of the visiting HT and I'm like fuck you! And later on I come in to the kitchen and A. Phong had to tell me something but he was across from two of the visiting HT (one of them being the rude one who called me mean) so I had to stand next to one of them and lean over. And when I got over there the guy nudged his friend and made a gesture up at me, like they were in the middle of talking about me or something. I just basically ignored them and kicked the chair into the guy's leg when I was walking off so eff them.

So anyway, Saturday night I'm sleepin' like a baby...and all of a sudden I feel wet drops. And I wake up kinda, in a haze and I ask...stupidly...Is it raining? Turns out it was the boys pranking back the girls. In the 15 minutes it took for me to fully process things, turns out the girls had gone to prank the guys by throwing anchovies into their cabins or whatever. The guys caught the girls and made them clean it up, but then came back to prank the girls by shooting water into the cabins and then leaving mamtommixedwithwater filled balloons on the porch. One of the girls said that the guys were gonna come back to pop the balloons and have them explode on us. IDK where she got that idea...but whatever.

So I look over at poor Hanna...and she's trying her best to stay asleep, and the pranking girls refuse to go back to sleep even though it was 4inthemorning, so I'm like, eff it. I get up and Catherine and I go over to the boys' cabin to have them clean up the mess. In the cabin I find just Patrick, Son, Be (: )) and someone I thought was Minh but turns out it was Binh. So Pat tells me that the girls didn't completely clean up their mess and there was still anchovies and silly string left. That the guys cleaned up most of the silly string and a lot of the rest of the fish but there were still one or two here and there. So I had Catherine pick up the rest of the because the anchovies were her idea, she brought them and all, and two because she came with me as a representative for the girls. So she picks up the remaining one or two anchovies. The guys had cleaned up most of the silly string that Thuy left behind but there were still two or three pieces lying around. So they point them out and I ask Catherine to pick them up because like I said...even though Thuy used the silly string, Catherine was there as a rep for all the girls who were pranking. So Catherine picks up of the silly string pieces...changes her mind and then, get this...refuses to pick up the rest. She says that Thuy was the one who used the silly string so Thuy had to come and pick them up and that she wasn't going to do it. I was sorta for a little bit...but I regained myself and said that if Thuy used the silly string as part of the prank then as a person who was also pranking Catherine was also partically responsible for the silly string. But Catherine keeps saying that they were saving the silly string on Minh and Be's cabin, even though through Friday the girls had told me that ALL the boys were staying in the same cabin, so when Catherine said that she thought Minh and Be weren't gonna be in that boys' cabin, I grew kinda suspicious so I asked her to stop talking and let Pat explain. So anyway, somehow in all of this crap, Catherine lets out that Minh was staying in H.P.'s cabin, she had said this before we went to the guys' cabin but literally I was taken aback. Like...WHY in the GoshDam WORLD would she say that? What the hell was she tryin to do?? Like...Pat looked kinda surprised for about a second but he didn't say anything and IDK if any of the other guys heard but, I was like....I said outloud that that wasn't information that Catherine was allowed to discuss!

But OK anyway, the main point of that was I wish I hadn't taken Catherine along because she just made it worse. So anyway, I had Pat and Be come back to the girls' cabin with me. And along the way, to lighten up the mood I told Pat he had to wash my hair tomorrow. And he was like Why. And I said, cuz it smells like fish (I couldn't actually smell it because my nose was stuffed, but the girls said that the "rainwater" had mam tom in it). And Pat goes...that was just water...there wasn't anything in it. And of course, I didn't know what to say. So we get back to the girls' cabin and Pat and Be clean up the porch, and Brian pops out of the mini closet he was hiding in in the girls' cabin and goes "I'm sorry guys" and I'm like "Haha Brian you're not gonna be allowed back into the guys' cabin tonight" and Brian goes "BUT I'M NEUTRAL!" It was funny. Anyway out of nowhere I see Binh and Son and I'm like...OMG wth and they go "We're here to help." Which I thought was sweet.

It also struck me that, Pat said that he and Be were the only ones pranking, which I can believe...and yet Binh and Son showed up to help clean up even though Catherine wouldn't pick up like...two pieces of silly string for Thuy. Ok anyway....

As we were walking to the girls' cabin Pat told me that they weren't going to prank the girls at all but the girls started first, and I asked if he was gonna do anymore pranking and he said no. So as they were leaving after cleaning up the mess I went outside and told them that pranking is pranking. If you do it, you have to expect that you'll be pranked back. So I told the guys, to appease them, that if they wanted to prank the girls on their way to the bathroom (I was mainly thinking of Catherine, I had a feeling Thuy and Terri and Tina weren't leaving the cabin again that night, and I think most of the guys' "anger" was against Catherine anyway) then that was fine, but Hanna, poor girl! didn't do anything and didn't deserve to be woken up and disturbed with the pranks. So they were like...OK. And then I said that I and Thuy will come by in the morning to pick up the silly string, but Pat said that there were just a piece or two left so there was no need, and then Binh said that if I sent Brian back with a bag of chips then it'd be OK, so I did and Thuy didn't have to go over the next morning.

OMG that night was so hectic. I'm surprised I got up at all that morning. Lolz.

OK so overall it was a good camp. There wasn't anything...overly crappy I guess...aside from me having to deal with the HT, but that's normal. I noticed even more that the HT choose favorites, they're lazy, the like, but that's natural for them. Or everybody, I guess, to be fair. ::raise eyebrows::

O yea another apparently the HT take an annual trip to the beach. Last year A. Huy mentioned it to me but I couldn't go. Then this year nothing was mentioned to me at all. Catherine Thao and Thien An keep saying I should go or that it's not by "invite" but I mean, if the HT keep announcing it when I'm not there, I'm not going to invite myself. This isn't me being petty but I mean come on, I hate ruining people's fun and I especially hate being somewhere where you're not wanted. So it's not like I'm waiting for a special invite, but I'm also not going to go when I don't know that they actually want me there. that was my TN rant. Lolz.

Chya ne!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

trèo non những ước non cao, anh đi đò dọc ước ao sông dài

Otouto and I cooked dinner on July 3rd. It went well overall but made me even more adamant that whenever we do buy a house, the kitchen has to be huge! I mean, I've always loved big open kitchens, but now I'm sure I must have one. Otherwise no go!

Anyway...look at what we cooked! They've all been done by me before so the recipes are somewhere around (under the Food label).

Everything all together.


Shrimp with Garlic and Grape Tomatoes. Side of Spinach. : ) Sauce was deelish!

Clams! Steamed in Chicken Broth (Couldn't find the White Wine : ()


My food! I know, my steak is still way red but I love it that way. So much jucier! And I didn't get any cow disease (I don't think) so I should be fine. ; )

I love food!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

nhớ ai hết đứng lại ngồi, ngày đêm tơ tưởng một người tình nhân

nhớ ai con mắt lim dim
chân đi thất thểu như chim tha mồi
nhớ ai hết đứng lại ngồi
ngày đêm tơ tưởng một người tình nhân

I have a very UNHEALTHY obsession with journals and planners. Well...with books in general...but since journals and planners are so much easier to pick out and buy, the most unhealthy part is with those.

Journals and stuff that I bought at Barnes and Noble. I adore that store. So much so that I'm putting aside $200 at the end of this summer with which I can use to go raid the store (for books).

I can honestly say that I will use these journals/planners that I just bought. The cute dolls one I'm using currently, it fits nicely in my messenger bag. The green one with the house on a bridge thing will be for when school starts, because I'll need a planner then anway, and the black covered one is to help me keep my finances in line. : ) Can you tell I'm trying to reason my reason to myself?

I ordered a sample kit off Everyday Minerals. So far it's working quite nice. I didn't have time to try on each foundation color, so I ended up just mixing all three together and surprisingly it's working well. If I put on too much then at first I'll look kinda pale, but after a few minutes (as I'm finishing my make-up), it starts to blend in really well with my skin tone.

The big container was bought extra so I could mix the foundations. I haven't tried the blush yet. I tried a little of the eye shadow (bought extra) but it didn't show very well, I didn't use primer. And I have tried the color corrector (in Pick Me Up) and it was really good. No good for undereye bags but good for little pimple scars here and there, of which I have many.

My cousin came over last week. I miss that kid.

We took him swimming but because he's so skinny he kept shivering, so the lifeguard told us to let him play in the kiddie pooh where the water is warmer, but when we got there he didn't wanna go in because there were bugs/leaves in the water. It wasn't that bad but, whatever. Lolz. So we just left. But it was still a relatively good day. I kinda wish sometimes that he lived with us. Then he might not be so skinny and we could teach him better and he wouldn't get bullied. It got to the point where he didn't wanna go home and leave our house. But Mother was being an idiot and...agh I'm just gonna skip this part because I don't feel like going over it. Would just get me worked up more.

LEGOS! I love the sound of Legos on Legos. : ) I built that magic carpet/spaceship. : )

And now just some random stuff:

A Pooh Bear and a pen that Red got me! He brought it to my workplace because his gf was getting an interview there that day. : ) The pot is for something else. Lolz.
My coworkers like to sabotage my "Quote of the Day" board. It's supposed to say: " A person reveals his character by nothing so clearly as the joke he resents." But they changed it to say: " A person reveals his character by nothing so clearly as the joke he makes about his/her spouse!" : ) They're funny.
A wedding card I made. I really want that Cricut Expressions machine!!! I should be able to get it by the end of this summer and so have plenty of time for the Xmas batch. If I wanna make Red a batch of Xmas cards I'd have to send them to him in like....September or October...because it'll take a few weeks to get to him and then a few weeks to get to whoever he's sending them too.

In other news:

- Having trouble with Otouto's new glasses. Gonna solve it tomorrow hopefully.
- Mother said that I can do study abroad, so have to save money/figure that out.
- Erm...bought A LOT of stuff off Cherry Culture dot com, apparently they just finished putting everything together and shipping it out like...a hour and a half ago...even though I ordered it a week ago. Granted it was a really, really big order. But hope it gets here before Friday so I can give Tina and Hanna their stuff, as well as try my stuff on.
- Camp is this weekend. Kinda looking forward to it, kinda not. Herm. It might suck...but I'm keeping an open mind.
- Someone from church asked me to put together a dance for this feast thing on July 19th. Hope that goes well.

Is that it...? O yea....

- Am eligible to upgrade my phone in August. I want an LG Xenon...or a Samsung Eternity. Can't decide which. Whichever one, I'll still have to pay extra so gotta save up money for that too. Gahhh!!! Also Mother wants to get the upgrades in-store, cuz she doesn't trust online transactions, so hopefully there are still deals available in-store on the Xenon or Eternity, but IDK I haven't checked. Gracious! I really want a new phone! My current phone has no space for personality, which is the worst. Everything I own has to have some personality. My purses have trinkets hanging off of them. My DS has ribbons and Kirby. My Violin case has ribbons and will soon have stickers if I get to buying them. I'm making up for my current phone's lack of personality by attaching a huge Bulbasaur treatkeeper to it but still. Lolz. Bulbasaur. I heart him. : ) I need a Pooh too though.
- Thinking of canceling cable because we would rather pay for faster internet. Mother said that we can get Comcast, which means faster internet which means Otouto and I can game at the same time. And I can always watch shows online, which I do now anyway. The only thing the T.V. really provides is the background noise, which I can't do anything without. But apparently Red told me that even if I cancel cable I should still be able to get local channels so, hopefully that works out too.

Anyway, I dare say this summer is going relatively decently. Let's hope this keeps ::knock on wood!!::

Chya ne!

d.u.y.ê.n kia ai đợi mà chờ, tình này ai tưởng mà tơ//tưởng//tình

A few weeks ago Red, Otouto, and I spent a day in D.C. We took the metro, ate river-side, and then went to see UP.


Tony and Joe's Seafood:

Mussels YUMMY! These were DEEEEElish. Had to order a second order because Red and Otouto ate most of the first batch.

Spicy Shrimp. Doesn't look like a lot but, it was really good.

Fried Calamari. The calamari itself was pretty good, but the best part was the sauce. It was light, a little sour and spicy and sweet all at the same time. So good!

Red's entree - Bouillabaisse - I tried a bit, I didn't think it was anything special but that might be just me.

Otouto's Steak and Cheese - Didn't try any but he said it was good.

My Crab Cake Sandwich. I snapped the wrong side of the sandwich. Well...the pickle was good...and the crab cake was delicious. : )

I love this restaurant. You have a choice of eating outside. Atmosphere is laid back. We ordered a total of 1 Fried Calamari, 1 Spicy Shrimp, 2 Mussels, 1 Steak and Cheese, 1 Bouillabaisse, 1 Crab Cake, 3 drinks and about 3 refills, and all of that was about $120. Around that much. I know, it was pretty awesome. The food is really good too. No skimping on the quality. Love this place!

Tony and Joe's (Washington, D.C. - Georgetown)

After the restaurant we went to see UP. I thought it was a relatively good movie but I didn't like it much. Red and I had some brief discussions about it and turns out that there was nothing inherently wrong with the movie, I do fine with sad, realistic movies/books/such, it was just that I felt that UP sorta jiffed me. I mean, it made itself out to be this happy, old man flying in a house held up by balloons, funny fat kid, ugly stupid bird, funny dog yay yay yay movie and then WAHBAM! Anything but happy stuff.

I can go as far as saying it ruined my mood. I knew that the first 20 minutes or so were supposed to be sad so I prepared myself for it and accepted it, and then expected the movie to get happier and happier did for a little bit but then again, a sad montage...and then happy happy...and then again something sad. That was too much. Of course I was also tired that weekend in general so, whatev.

OOO We went into one of the shopping mall/centers at Georgetown. Was so cool. There's an H&M there! I must go back at some point. What I really went in there for though was Lilthingymajigs...and while there Red got me this -

Teehee - He also got me a Pooh plate but I haven't taken a pic of that yet.

In the shopping center.

Georgetown streets.

It's water! So cool!!!

Bridge...Key Bridge? Maybe. : )

It was an uber fun day. At one point Red and Otouto tried to lift me and throw me over the bridge's railing, the people walking around didn't even stop to pretend to help. LAAME!

And then later while we were in the shopping center Red and I tried to ditch Otouto but he found us. I haven't had that much fun in forever, I haven't run and laughed like I did that day in...never. I felt like a kid! :P Lolz.

Otouto (tryin ta look cool!)

Red. : )

Chya ne!

Monday, July 6, 2009

nước non ngàn dặm đôi h.à.n.g. l.ệ., tâm sự năm canh một bóng đèn

The most beast, most wonderful, most awesomest game of Mario Party took place in my room last night.

Red came over with his Wii and we played games alllll day long. Well actually....

I picked Red up in the morning and we went to the cemetary to visit my POPS. Sat there for a bit...and then headed home, stopping at Home Depot along the way so I could by a pot and some seeds and stuff. Got home, played games, ate lunch, played games, played games, ate, played games. Otouto and Red had an uber awesome pillow fight, it was funny. Sadly it happened on my BED...which I had to clean up later but, wasn't hard. Pictures later, pretty awesome.

And started getting dark and we went for a last Mario Party game. Now the first one, Red and Otouto spent sabotaging me. Badly. This time I sorta just laid back and waited. Was quiet, didn't say much. Otouto and Red argued with each other to convince me to use an item on the other, so much so that at one point I used the item and STILL they were arguing with each other, they hadn't even noticed. But yes, Red was in the lead, I was upset because I wasn't buying any hotels, people kept taking my hotels, I went from 3 stars to 6 stars to 3 stars to 6 and then to 3 again. But then you know what? Last 5 turns....I took back one of my hotels and went back to 6 stars. Then last 2 turns...just when Red thought he was in the clear for the gold...I reach from behind and take another hotel and WAHBAMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the most stars! I was also awarded an extra star for most Red Spaces...but that didn't matter because I'd already WON! was


Pictures later. : )


Gahhh I forgot to add borders to these. Eh, O well...

Red helping me plant my plant.

Preparing to game.

Random shot of my July4thWeekend nails because I was getting tired of it already.

: )

ME! Playing Wii Sports!

PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Winning hit...!
But oh no...................

: )

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

find arms that will hold you at your weakest/eyes that will see you at your ugliest/a heart that will love you at your worst/that's true love

A girl's glow when she's in l.o.v.e. : )

Have you ever noticed that guys tend to go for girls a lot of the time when they're already taken? The girl is already taken, I mean. You can't always tell whether or not a guy is taken so every time a cute guy comes by you look for the dreaded sign: THE RING!!!! Proving he's married, if he was just someone's boyfriend, you wouldn't know until you've taken the chance and then it's heartbreak avenue.

But a girl...with girls there's just something. You can pretty much always tell when a girl is taken or in love. How? Well because! She's different. It's not a bad different. She might smile a little bit more. She might laugh a bit more, her face is more cherry, her actions are light and well...she's basically floating on air.

And you know what? THAT is what attracts guys. When a girl is happy and content with her life. I'm not saying that guys aren't attracted to single girls (cuz oBviOusly!), but when they are, isn't it usually the happy girls? The ones who make life seem interesting? Even if it really isn't?

That's why I propose that in order for you single gals to grab yourselves a good man, act like a taken girl would. Talk with a smile. Laugh with your friends. Walk as if the floor is made of clouds and as if someone is waiting for you whereever it is you're heading to.

It's a hard thing to do! It's easy for taken girls because well...there actually is someone waiting for the taken girls at their destination. For single girls to act like a taken girl is hard! When single girls are unhappy, there is no guy to cheer us up so how can we smile and laugh all the time??? When single girls walk around, there is no possibility of our prince sweeping us off our feet, so how can we act as if the dirty floor is made of clouds? And obviously, for single girls there is NO one who'll be waiting for us whereever we're going, so how can we pretend as such?

I have a habit of laughing too much anyway. And smiling too much. Especially when I'm nervous or scared or sad, it's my defense mechanism. And guy. : )

But the reality is guys are attracted to smiling girls. Girls who are just...different. Stand out from the crowd and you know what? Happy girls stand out from the crowd. EVERYONE is dreary ALL the gdarn time aren't they? Everyone is stressed about is almost always bothered by something. There is hardly ever a person who is just....h.a.p.p.y. And so of course, whenever you do find a happy girl, a truly happy one, you'll notice her above the rest.

I'm not saying PRETEND to be happy. Definitely not. Girls who are taken don't pretend to be happy. They go through the same troubles (mostly) as single girls, but at the end of the day they know that they have a supporter, a guy on their side, and that makes them happy. How did they snab the guy in the first place? Who knows? But it's a definite thing that taken girls are most of the time happy and therefore attract more guys, right?

But yes, don't pretend to be happy. Actually BE happy. As a single girl, just try and live through the stuff that's life. Accept it as it is. And! Accept the fact that you have no guy and you know what? Be OK with that! And then a guy will notice your optimism, your spark, the fact that you can get along without men and yet are still happy. They'll look at you as a source of happiness for THEM! And then when you do get yourself a guy, you're already so used to the happiness, you'll make your relationship DOUBLE HAPPY!

And honestly, who doesn't what that??

I should try this out. I'll let you know how it goes. : )

Although I make myself sound intelligent, in the world of men I have no experience whatsoever. The only experience I have are in two very, very, very short relationships in elementary and middle school : ). As well as apparently breaking a total of 4 hearts (NOT ON PURPOSE IT WASN'T my FAULT!). What I say should be taken with a pinch of your own common sense. If your doing what I say results in a) you getting dumped and/or b) you staying single for the rest of your life, DO NOT come after me ; )

But all that aside, I never thought it was necessary for people to give advice only if they've been in the situation. I mean...for certain things like...buying a house...a car...dealing with a family member who has cancer and is dying, that kinda stuff, maybe you need some experience with to give great, sound advice. But otherwise with other things (even those I just listed), one can learn a lot just by observation. Lord knows I've observed my fair share of relations in high school (more than I cared for) and so why can't I make a judgement based on what I saw/heard?

If you disagree, well, hoohaa for you. But honestly, do let me know, observations form opinions that aren't really legit unless they've parted ten thousand ways with the original opinion. You know what I mean. ; )


tiển anh một chén rượu tàn, một bàn tay nắm một hàng lệ mau

" tiển anh một chén rượu tàn
một bàn tay nắm một hàng lệ mau
cuộc cờ thế sự binh đao
phút giây tái ngộ ngàn sau biết còn "


New layout! Not perfect but I'm content with it. I like the basic layout a lot. The picture up top is OK, but it can be changed easily when I feel like it. And the colors are easily changeable too so, hopefully this is good.

Everybody should watch Queen Seon Duk, excellent series. It's currently airing (in Korea...?) so the subbed epis only come out every Tuesday and Wednesday and I've caught every one so far. It might be one of those series that only I can like. It's about war and palace politics and intricacies and culture and tradition and such, a lot of really good scenes. Some even make me teary eyed, and they're not even love-scenes. They're scenes like when the main character's unit decided to be bait to allow the other soldiers to escape, even though the other soldiers always looked down on his unit and ridiculed him. And then somehow they manage to make it through and the whole unit, muddy, tired, injured, finally limps back to base camp, gahhh it's excellent! Can't wait for next week's epis!

On another note, I really wanna buy some make-up off of The prices are pretty low right now, but I kinda wanna wait around for another sale. Then again, I don't know when they'll even have another sale so....argh...well...I probably won't be able to wait past the next two if there's a sale then I'll buy it before TN camp, and if there's still no sale, then I'll buy it after the camp.

The camp was just a marking point, no big deal. Lolz. But I think it'll be the first year that both Otouto and I are going to camp at the same time so, cool! And hopefully all the girls'll come and it'll be fun. Fingers crossed though!

Hermmmmmmm I just wanted to do a quick little random post so I can post some pictures. I really like pictures. : )


O yea, I've been watching this anime called Mom's Life Kaasan (I think) and it's really cute. The little girl in there is a doll, swear!

Okie : )

Things I need to do:

Clean my room : ( - Like really, really clean it up.
Buy make-up. - Mostly NYX stuff, mostly eye liners. I'm not a big eye-shadow person. : )
Start studying. : ) : (

I came home one day (after the Cali trip) and just found him here. Mother washed him and just left him! Otouto went past him into my room to play games...and just left him!!!
Poor adorable baby...

Chya ne!