Monday, April 27, 2009

Ok so...the weeks of hell have begun.

This week is the last full week of school. Lotsa stuff due, things ready to be due.

Next week has two more days of school in which a ton of presentations, essays, are going to be due...and then after those two days, have to prepare for some final exams.

Then the week after that...will be more exams. And then...done. But will spend of the rest of the week cleaning my room..which is also hell.

So...if I don't come back until 3 weeks...It's OK! DOn't call the cops. I should still be alive.

Chyaa ne!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ok screw that program...

Yea...that program...ecto or so not worth it.

I wanted the program because I wanted to be able to keep multiple blogs under different names. Not going to tell you why, that'll ruin the point of the other blog. If anyone ever gets to it.

Anyway, the program is just not worth it. It's not even pretty, doesn't even look that high tech. So not going to pay for it. So I'm back to just blogging on here. Lolz. Sadly though, I am wayyyyy too lazy to go back and disable the comments option for ALL the posts. So I'll just start leaving the option abled from now on. W.e. I'm already used to not looking for comments. Lolz.

Back to good ol' blogging online. I don't even really update that other blog much so, won't pose too much of a problem I don't think.

Yay! Blogger!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finals...Spring 2009 : (

HNRS 230 -

Timeline Project: Need to start working on. Did it, turned it in a week late.

Class Presentation: I hate partner/group projects. The guy I was partnered with for this presentation didn't do any of the readings. He came in to class with a total of 3 discussion questions. And then he ended up taking over the whole damn thing because he kept b-s-ing shizz as people were talking. He hardly let me get in any point at all! Idk what I got for this thing.

Paper 2: Topic doesn't seem too bad. Was supposed to be 8 pages. I did 4. The question was kinda an opinion question. There wasn't much research to it.

Paper 1 Revision: Not that bad...I don't think. Didn't do it.

Predictions: Imma get a B in this class at best. The papers aren't that bad I guess but, I've been skipping so many classes, haven't even updated my Timeline since the other month...and don't even talk that much when I do come to class. Yea...I got a B. Which is great because I thought I would be getting a C or lower...haha, the B really helped my cummulative GPA. If I'd gotten a C in this class, idk what I woulda done. So thanks for a pretty cool prof.

Overall thoughts: THIS CLASS SUUUUUUUUCKS! Well...not really. The prof is nice and knowledgable and all...just wasn't my cup of tea.

ANTH 114 -

Test 4:

Predictions: B? Maybe??? I gots a B-. Haha, yes! Technically it was a 79.6. But the prof. rounded it up. Thank God.

Overall thoughts: : ( I just didn't like the class. The class was huge. The prof spoke real quitely at the front of the class so no one else could hear him. And the material was just boring. It was one of those classes where they tried to assign terms to everyday, common sense things. Did not like it.

HNRS 228 -

Last writing assignment: BS-ed!

Final exam: Went OK I guess.

Predictions: We have more grades in the class because we had labs, classgroupwork, and homework...and iclicker questions. I did relatively well on those. Maybe a high B? Low A? I gots a B! O well, it was a 4-credit class so that helped a bit.

Overall thoughts:

FREN 371 -

Paper 3: I gave this in to her about two days late...but she didn't seem to notice. Then she told the whole class that we were to correct the papers and email them back to her at 5pm the next day. So the next day I stressed and I freaked out as I tried to comprehend her scribblings...then emailed what I could to her, then she replies back with "That was quick"..but in French. And I was like...really?? Seriously??? Didn't you say it had to be in by 5?

Final Exam: I studied the literature SOOOO hard. OMG by the morning of the test you coulda asked me for the dates of ANY of the stuff we read for the second half of the semester and I coulda told you. I woulda been able to tell you what the first phrase of each ouevre was...anything! But what sections of the test was actually on literature...2 matching parts. !!!!!!!!!!!! I was so upset, I'd actually studied that really hard! Everything else was on history, which we didn't go over in class and I didn't study. DAMMIT!

Class Presentation: It was OK.

Predictions: I don't think she'd fail me...right...? I got a C+. Better than expected.

Overall thoughts: IDK. The prof. was really nice and all much information. The class was supposed to be about history AND literature but all we ever talked about in class was literature. BUT the tests were on BOTH!

HNRS 353 -

Inquiry 3: Which I'm about to fail!!


Final Paper: I sent him my idea which he says is good so far. Fingers crossed! That was only the idea though. Ha..!

Predictions: B? Yup, got a B. Granted I sent in my paper like...3 days late so. There was some weirdness but it got solved in the end so, whatever. Lolz.

Overall thoughts: Prof was nice. Didn't like that he crammed a bunch of stuff into the last two weeks of school. Inquiry was due, and then right after that our case study was due, and then right after that a short essay was due, and then the final paper. So...that was random. But o well. I can honestly say though...I didn't learn much from this class. Didn't learn much from my other honors class this semester either.

GOVT 322 -

Some more workshops: Went OK.

Final Exam: Was optional. It coulda hurt or helped me and I didn't want to take the chance. Was satisfied with my C+.

Predictions: EPIC FAIL!!!!

Overall thoughts. Hate this class.

Update more as the semester starts to end. CRY!!!

That's all I guess. This is more of a note to myself so that I do not repeat this semester in the future. This semester was an epic fail and I did not like the feeling. This won't happen again, hopefully.

Arghhhh this stupid paperrrrrrr

Seeing as how ecto insists that I have a title for all my posts, otherwise it'll title my posts "UNTITLED" which is NOT cool....

For now and if I decided to buy and continue using this program...the titles of my posts will just be what my first line of the post woulda been.

I'm not creative enough to think of post titles anyway...unless for special occasions. But this isn't a special occasion. Lolz. I just have this paper I'm supposed to turn in today...I have to leave for class in less than an hour...and I gots nothing!


I'm glad that school is almost over but...I'm also screwed because I probably failed all my classes. The only class in which I might pass would be....HNRS 228 Astrobio.

::cries in corner...::

Monday, April 20, 2009


I must say...I am pretty happy with this ecto program. After the less than a month free trial however, I'll have to buy it. We'll see if it's worth it. Sorta annoying how it'll say there's an error if you don't have a title for your posts. And I don't know how to disable the "Comment" function through ecto...that's sort of annoying since I don't like the "Comment" function...But o well! Maybe I'll figure it out some time.

So was wasting so much time trying to figure these programs out that haven't even started Inquiry 3...due tomorrow no less! Yucky!!!

Just a test

testing testing testingggggg


Evil Monkey in my Closet!

I...think I found a program to manage multiple blogs. Free 30day trial. Gonna see if I can figure the thing out but so far so good. Chyeaaaaaa....

: )

Layout Change!!!

I really reaaaaaaally liked my old rainy layout but...idk why my already terrible pictures were looking even more dreary and un-charming!

I like this layout too, it's not too bad. And my pictures look a little brighter....sort of...

Maybe not really... : (




I look hot. HA!

dress shopping...alone...a few weeks ago. teehee!!

I ended up not buying the dress but, I swear to go back for it at some point!


Sunday, April 19, 2009




Friday, April 17, 2009

What makes a language romantic?

I remember Mother bringing home a notebook some years ago in which was written a bunch of Korean stuff, I remember thinking it was the coolest thing. I have no idea what it said, but it seemed private for some reason because I couldn't understand it.

Currently...I'm...what can be considered English...I'm pretty fluent in Vietnamese...and I'm...err French. I'm planning to learn Japanese and Chinese sometime soon.

For whatever reason, English doesn't sound romantic to me. I don't know what it is. When I think of phrases in English and Vietnamese, I feel as if the Vietnamese phrase is deeper, has more meaning. Let's take, for example...

I love you. Means totally NOTHING to me. I can imagine myself saying this to anyone. Love ya! I can write this on any card...I love you!

Je t'aime. Yea I already say that tons. Lolz.

But...Em yeu anh. OMG I could NEVER say that to anyone. I couldn't imagine myself saying or writing this to any future lover. To me it just carries so much weight. Why is that? It means the exact same thing as the two previous phrases and yet, I could never say it. I just tried saying it outloud, I almost couldn't say the last word!

I guess these terms are a bit too cliche. You can probably argue that I love you means nothing to me because I hear people say it all the time and not mean it. It's overused by everyone else so why should it be meaningful to me?...Whereas...Em yeu anh...aside from in songs, I've heard no one say this to anyone in real life and so...I don't know, there's something dark and mysterious about it.

Ok then how about something

I sit under the moon and think of you. Ok not very poetic. But I can totally and willingly write that in a letter to a "lover."

J'essais sous la lune et pense a toi. Yea...yea I'm not shy from that.


Em ngoi duoi trang va nho den anh. OMG if I ever wrote that in a card the handwriting would come out scribbled as shizz...and the phrase would be unfinished because...I wouldn't be able to finish writing!

What is it??? Maybe because I'm not used to Vietnamese? I'm fluent in it and all but I've never really had to explore the poetic, deep side of the lanuage and so it's still too intense for me to grasp? I can imagine say a lover from the future asks me over the phone what I'm doing...I can definitely say....Thinkin' of you...or I can say...Je pense a toi...but I CAN'T say...Em nho den anh. That's just so...I don't know what.

I love writing, I love words and languages and but...there's something about Vietnamese, Chinese...Japanese that's deep and...intense and meaningful for me and I don't now why. French...not so much...

English I can say anything, no shyness, no embarrassment...French...same...

But Vietnamese...I don't know. Something...about it.

I guess I could maybe write it....that's not so bad...but directly SAYING the words, having them coming straight from me...I can't.

Idk why.

: )

You know what really "grinds my gears"?

People who purposely put you in awkward decision making situations.

Such as...

Mother knows that every freaking Saturday I have dance practice. I know she always uses the "I forgot" excuse (which always got me in trouble whenever I used it) but honestly, if you can't even remember that your daughter has dance practice EVERY EFFIN SATURDAY then wtf?

So anyway, she knows that I have practice every Saturday and yet every now and then she still asks me to go play for a funeral which happens...guess...during dance practice. So wth am I supposed to do with 8 girls...for an hour while I'm not there? Honestly!

Before, when I was telling her about how the TSC people expected me to practice with the girls as well as go get food for them, she agreed that wth am I supposed to do with the girls while I waste time getting food. But now that it's about something she wants, it's OK that I just ditch the girls for an hour.

I don't even like this lady. (Her pops or something died, not her). Freakin lady is stupid! She effin made me cry! She's lame, I don't even like her! And her kids, I don't hate them but I'm not big fans of them either!

But anyway, Mother claims that "if you can come then come but if you can't then don't." But you know what she really wants, for me to come, otherwise she wouldn't've asked. And then when I go "what are the dancers supposed to do while I'm gone for an hour?" She goes "O you have dance practice? I forgot." Godfuckingfuckyoubitch.

So now, I am put in the awkward situation of deciding whether or not I should play. If I play, I'll be annoyed the whole damn effin time. I know that Cha Vuong will probably be doing the mass so it'll be longer than an hour because this lady actually knows him so he'll go on and on with his homily. And I'll feel as if I've ditched the girls for an hour. What kinda dance captain goes "Come to practice at 10AM but I won't be there." WTF??? AND! I know that the girls probably won't be practicing what I asked them to so when I come back and realize that they weren't practicing what I'd asked, I'll be uber, uber annoyed but then I can't get outright pissed because I wasn't there in the first place!

And if I don't play, then she'll be a bitch long as she wants.

I guess what I could do is, since hopefully most of them will already be there by 9AM, take like 10 mins away from the first practice and go over the dang hoa song and then ask them to please practice that while I'm away and then come back, go over that a little and then do over the other, other song.

Godwtf???? I knew that she was going to ask, I just knew. But we were getting along so well that I thought she'd gotten smarter and loandbehold, she has not.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

I really like my "Rainy" layout but...

The dark background color makes my pictures look even more dreary than they are...hermmm...Wonder if I can change the color...or if I'll have to just change the whole layout...phooey!!

So...we're talking about the one-child policy in hnrs230.

Watched The Dying Room. I think it's sort of absurd. Of course, I, by no means, think that the one-child policy is a perfect idea but...honestly...I thought the documentaries were stupid. I mean...China obviously has a population problem, wth do you honestly expect people to do about it? People as in the Chinese government. It's inhumane that they made the one-child policy because now a buncha babies are being abandoned and left for dead in government run orphanages. Yes...that sucks as hell...but are the documentaries and the criticizers really doing anything to help? All they're doing is forcing the Chinese government into the defensive and making the government try to hide more. The documentaries and their makers claim that the orphanages are why aren't they pushing the U.N. to encourage or send nurses over to help the staff? They say the nurses are undertrained and don't know why they're doing, so why aren't they pushing for doctors and nurses from the US! to go over to China and start a training program? It sounds hard now because the Chinese government is already on edge about the issue but I mean, after a bit of negotiation, why wouldn't China allow them to do it? I mean, China needs countries like the US for trade and economical reasons, so if you push the aid idea hard enough, they can't refuse! But instead of doing helpful things like that, all the criticizers can do is sit around and...criticize. Yes...some documentaries did encourage some people to ask about adopting, but that only helps SOME of the babies. Why not do something to help ALL the babies overall??And, some of the documentaries angered the Chinese government so much that they pushed back adoption dates for Americans in the process of adopting...was that helpful? NOPE!

That and...right now China has a one-child policy that is inhumane...but if China did something else (really, what CAN they do?)...such as....

1. Force Chinese citizens to leave for other countries

- Problem? Other states are only going to accept Chinese immigrants for so long. After awhile, countries are going to stop allowing Chinese people to come into their countries for fear that they're going to take over the planet! Then China's gonna be like..."WHY aren't you letting Chinese people into your country? You hate Chinese people? WAR!" And other countries are going to be "WHY are so many Chinese people leaving and coming to our countries? You must be trying to take over! You must be staging a COUP! WAR!"

And then everybody dies.


2. The Chinese government could order mass killings of the population...

- Problem? I'm not even going to explain. It's a DUH really.


3. The Chinese government lifts their ban. Everybody has as many babies as they want.

- Problem? Within a few years...there'll too many people, the countryside will be destruct...People will starve...the country will be in ruins...There'll be a mass migration anyway...People will die anyway...Those same people who are criticizing the one-child policy now will come up again to criticize China's rising population...

Another thing that is inhumane about the policy, according to the documentary makers, is that the government is forcing people to abort babies...and become sterile and shizz. OK so say that doesn't happen. These people, since they're already pregnant, are allowed to have their babies and the baby comes and they have to pay more money (money they don't have) to raise the baby...or maybe the baby turns out to be a girl and they end up abandoning her into those government run orphanages that leave the babies to die and THEN WHAT? Did letting them have their babies help..? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

So honestly...WTHell do you expect a country to DO???

I'm not Chinese by the way...nor am I Communist...I'm actually not a fan of Communism because of my attachment to Viet Nam...but I just think that it's absurd for criticizers and documentary makers to sit around and do nothing when if they had so much power...they could be doing much more.

Ok end rant. Just something to think about.

Dependent people...

On the morning of Holy Thursday, I woke up to find an email message that read like this:

Subject: hey...umhhh
Content: Hi Nhu-Y,

Sorry I couldn't call you to ask you this in person cuz I don't really know your schedule... umhh.. do you have 200 bucks I can borrow, please? by.. like.. today? it's an emergency. well, I can give you some kind of collateral if you want :

thank you very much. please beep me back when you got this. ty ty ty

Martha An Nguyen problems with this...??:

1. She had actually called me earlier in the week to ask if I was going to a tinh tam at church. My schedule is exactly the same every day whether I'm at school that day or work, and she knows it. There's no reason why she couldn't've called me.

2. 200 bucks...? 200 BUCKS??

3. BY TODAY? Who the hell asks for money and wants it THE DAY OF? HONESTLY??

4. "it's an emergency"...what IS the emergency? I'm sorry but...if you're going to ask for 200 BUCKS, just saying that it's an emergency is not going to cut it. Did she crash her car again? Does she need bail money?? What? What is so bad of an emergency that she couldn't ask her parents for money and had to come to me?

5. "beep me back" OMG I don't know WHAT it is about that phrase that just GOT to me. BEEP ME BACK?

When I read the email the 5th time (out of disbelief)...I thought...she probably doesn't need the money that badly because who, in their right minds, needed money badly and would send an email like that?? If I needed 200 Bucks...I woulda begged, pleaded, given 10 reasons, I woulda called and left a voicemail...10 voicemails! I WOULN'T'VE left an email message explaining nothing.

Now first off, if I had the money to spare, I would've given it to her. Second off...even if I didn't have the money to spare, if the email was any better and if it weren't HER, I probably would've given the money.

This's the difference between me and her...

1. She came to the states just a few years ago and her parents have already bought a huge house...I don't know how...they just have.../I still live in an apartment building infested with roaches even though I've been in the states for over 10 years.

2. Her parents bought her a brand new car from 2008...and then when she crashed it they offered to buy her another new car/My car is from 1997 and I constantly worry about its health.

3. She has both parents taking care of her/I have 1.

4. She doesn't work/I WORK by ass off!

5. She doesn't have to pay for her brother's living expenses/I do.

I mean...My clothes, Otouto's school supplies...Otouto's school supplies...I pay for all of that. I'm pretty sure she doesn't do the same for her brother. Her parents spoil her silly! She took a whole freakin semester off of school to "think" about life. I, out of anyone, understand an existential crisis, trust me, but did I take a semester off school when I should have...? NOPE! Not only did she just not go to school that semester, she didn't work either. She said she was waiting for another office job, the last office job she got was through school. She has no real work experience and yet she thinks she's qualified for an office job! I took a job petsitting for like...$30 a day! Why...? Because it paid! She has the freedom to move out of her house whenever she feels like it...I don't! I have responsibilities! She doesn't! Who the HELL does she think she is to just ask me for $200??? She always acts like she is more mature, more grown up. She always acts like she's the better person but honestly...who DOES this???

Obviously, I didn't give it to her. Then that night, she completely ignored me at mass. Before mass I was standing with the NS and usually she'd come over, this time nope. Then during the mass, usually during masses I have a habit of looking at the door (cute guys gather there for some reason...) and whenever I do she's always looking at me and she gives me that look like she thinks I'm about to say something to her which is awkward because...I don't...but that night? She looked completely ahead, didn't glance at me one bit.

Then today she texts me and asks if I want to go to the circus because she has extra tickets. I replied kindly but only because...I didn't have her number saved in my phone.

Now...if she...worked...was responsible and intelligent...and for some reason just ran into a huge problem and needed my help...then fine, I would have helped. But she didn't even work. She does nothing to help herself so why should I help her? I'm not here to baby people! I'm not saying that people who depend on their parents suck, but I am saying that at some point, people need to grow up. Once you're over 18...heck younger even sometimes! I don't care how lame you are, if you can't take care of yourself, you're not grown-up in my book. And I refuse to baby people like that.

I don't mean to say that being grown-up means that you have to pay for everything on your own. But I mean...once you've reached a certain age, you should be able to make intelligent decisions. Even if you can't pay for stuff on your own, don't drag people down with you! Make rational decisions. Don't put people in awkward, horrible decisions! Deciding that you want to move out because your parents got mad that YOU crashed your brand new car that you've been driving for less than a year shouldn't be something to be proud of. That's irresponsible. You should work, no matter what it is. You should accept responsibility because it'll help you grow, especially if you're not doing anything anyway!

I'm not trying to sound all high and mighty. Mother did pay for my cell phone and she pays for the bills and food and such, I know. But I take care of all the house paperwork, work, school, and everything else that I need. In other words...if Mother died tomorrow, that would suck..., but I wouldn't be helpless. Argh! I don't know. If you get it, you get it, if you don't, you don't.

Ok I have to stop, I can't run out of ways that I disapprove of her so...rather just stop talking about it. All in all, I am very disappointed in her. I've always thought she was irresponsible, fake, and too dependent...a baby in other words, but this really pushed it.

I'm not rereading this because it'll just get me angered up again so...screw you grammar mistakes.

This is REALLY random...

Ok aliens...yea my desire to talk about this topic died down. I was just thinking about it

yesterday during honors astrobio. Why is it that...ok...why do humans think that the only way that there is intelligent life on other planets is if the conditions are the same as that on Earth? I mean...what I'm being told in astrobio is that...Unless there is liquid water...unless there is a carbon cycle...unless there is plate tectonics, then it's very likely that life cannot exist on that planet. Why? Why does conditions for life have to be exactly like they were on Earth for there to be intelligent life? And another thing...why do aliens have to look different from us? I mean, since humans think that to have intelligent like, a planet has to have about the same conditions as Earth did, then wouldn't the organisms living on those planets also develop the way Earth's did? I mean, I'm not expert but that's kind of a contradiction isn't it? I mean, I know that the development of life is really delicate and all but...still...Ok I'm just...being random now.

Cherry Culture!!!


Best Make-up website! Bought like...almost 20 things from there for like...$42? Something like that. Free shipping over $40. Of course...I suck at make up and have no real use for some of the stuff I bought but...once I do have ideas! It'll be great! I'll show you!

Photobucket the box

Photobucket i took these pics after i opened the package in my car right before going to school. i couldn't wait!!!
Photobucket nyx sharpener..blotting paper...angle brush
Photobucket amuse ultra fine eye liner in black, metallic pink...mocha...and white.
Photobucket nyx eye/eyebrow pencil in baby blue and baby pink. i accidently ordered baby blue again, i already had it. o wellz.
Photobucket nyx candy glitter liner in hot green (i swiped 2cm of this on my hand right before i drove to school and it was really...really distracting...), red (because i don't have any other red make up things), and disco queen.
Photobucket nyx glitter cream pallet in utopia. a lot of websites say these pallets are pretty but useless but, i'm confident i can use if for some point. DANCERS watch out!!! these are going on your eyes next performance! lolz. jk. maybe.
Photobucket nyx ultra pearl mania (powder eyeshadow basically) in white, lime, turquoise, black, and sky pink

nyx lip smacking fun colors in thalia and femme
So far I'm lovin the colors. Haven't really used any of it yet but...once I do I'll update. : )

O P.S. I have used the NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencils in Teal and Baby Blue, which I bought at Amusé at Tyson's Mall. They're really good. Love the colors. They motivated me to buy all the NYX stuff. NYX rocks. Some of the shadows are a bit as good as MAC but for cheaper. I mean...If the colors are there, it stays, it doesn't irritate your eyes, then really what's the diff between the cheap and the expensive? You're going to wipe them off at the end of the day anyway! But really...NYX is really good quality. : )

S'all! a short update thingymajiger.

I bought this journal thing at BarnesandNobles the other day in the Bargain section. IDK why...I never do. Something about BarnesandNobles just makes! Ok so anyway, I actually started writing in it. Sorta cool. I have scribbles and everything.

I always told myself to write but, never thought I should start now. Was waiting for something to "happen" but...that's never gonna happen so why not right? <--- That wasn't supposed to make sense really.

Mother gave me a nice "speech" the past weekend. We've been getting along alright, knock on wood knock on wood knock on wood. She's alright sometimes. I don't wanna get into too much detail but sometimes it makes me wonder why ppl "like" me so much. Like, a lot of people at church depend on me for things, they have this "image" of me that's almost perfect and it's like, it's not real, you know? I don't know, whatever I guess.

So last week Cuong and I house/pet sat for Sara's family. I came by today to drop off their key and thought I'd get the pay today too but, guess not. It was really awkward reminding Laura (Sara's sister). I don't like to bring stuff like that up's weird you know? Whatever, I'll just go back for it at some point. Lolz.

So anyway, the petsitting itself...I don't know, it was alright I guess. I probably would've been more comfortable if Molly (the dog) were my own dog because half the time I was worried that I'd eff up in taking care of her and so therefore wasn't enjoying it as much. But...I don't know. Molly and the cats and the fish were sweet and nice but, they needed so much attention. I mean, I know all dogs want attention but, I sorta figured that once I get a dog he'll be like me you know? Friendly, kind, but not "needy." I don't know. I'm rethinking getting a dog. Lolz. But overall I guess it wasn't terrible. Staying at their house did make me want for our own house even more tho. Man I can't wait until we can afford a house, a town house even.

Erm...I guess I can talk about Pita-ten in this post. It's basically this really, really cute anime. It's about this kid whose mother died (grammar?). An rambunctious but kindhearted well meaning angel in training befriends a too kind hearted motherly devil in training and end up being the kid's neighbors. It's an extremely cute anime. I guess what I wanted to talk about was that, apparently, according to wiki, the angel used to be the lover of an ancestor of the boy and so when she was sent down to heaven again she immediately took a liking to the boy, he was a reincarnation of the ancestor or something like that. It was weird because, the angel was older than the boy and so, at some points you were sorta confused as to their feelings for each other. The demon in training acted as kind of a motherly figure for the boy, making him obentos and such. So I guess my question is...the boy didn't need a "lover," he need a mother figure, which the demon fulfilled, so what really was the angel's deal? Aside from being cute and bringing to action into their boring lives, she didn't necessarily fulfill any purpose. IDk I'm confusing myself. Someone please google and watch the anime and discuss it with me. Lolz.

I think that's it for this one. It was basically just a really random update. Lolz.

Fried Shrimp

Original Recipe - I know that I've eaten a lot of these made by both Pops and Mother...but I wouldn't say I got the "original recipe" anywhere.

What I did!!


- Shrimp (peeled and deveined) - Eggs - Panko Japanese Style Breadcrumbs - Salt - Pepper - Oil


- Mix a bit of salt and pepper into a bowl of beaten eggs. - Pour some Panko into a separate bowl. - Dip the shrimp one by one into the egg mixture. - Roll shrimp around and coat it in the Panko breadcrumbs.


Egged and breadcrumbed shrimp. I don't breadcrumb the tail just for aesthetics.

- Pour oil a quarter up into the pan. - Heat oil on high. - Add in coated shrimp. - Turn stove to medium. - Cook.


Theys is cookin'! This was 3rd batch and so...the oil was gettin' nasty. If that really bothers you, just ladle it out, no biggie.

- Take a plate and put some Bounty on it (a layer or two). - Take cooked shrimp out of pan and place on Bounty covered plate. This helps absorb the oil. - Eat with preferred sauce. Enjoy!


- Yea Fried Shrimp is extra, extra easy. Not hard at all, that's why I love making them. As for flavor, shrimp and eggs already have their own special flavor and so, even if you don't put in enough salt and pepper to flavor the eggs, the end product should still be fine.




Next time: I don't know yet. : )

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Ahhh! I have a long list of things to talk about (listed in the "What's Next" section) but no time to get to it all. Must focus on school work!!

I'll probably get around to updating in a few days...maybe weeks, we'll see!

Chya ne!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


happy easter people!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Some pictures I felt like posting...




On the first night of the NS retreat, some of the HT went outside to fish instead of sitting through the lectures. : ) Me and An joined them for a bit but it got too cold. It was fun! They almost put the whole dock on fire though.



i loooooooove water!!!






otouto and his friends

Although Otouto gets along with all the kids in NS...and they all seem to like him and all, he only considers some his "friends." Not like, best friends or anything, just those that "well they're not going so I don't wanna go." You know? Anyway, most of these guys are nice. Lolz.





wang lixiong

Came in to talk in my HNRS 230 class. Was cool!

Some other people came in today too but, didn't snap a picture.

Funny picture...



otouto holding winter pooh hostage....

Because I wasn't making dinner. : )




messages to decode!

The other weekend practically nobody went to TNTT and so, C. KP put me in charge of our level. And these are messages that I made for them to decode in a mini "BIG Game" get them ready for the actual "BIG Game" this past weekend. They're real smart!






The first kimbabs I ever made. Although, I was sick so couldn't really taste it. Otouto said they were good though. No recipe because I sorta rushed through them and couldn't tell how good/bad they were. Pictures are kinda eh. I guess the close-ups woulda looked better if I'd taken the saran wrap off but, I was too lazy.

So last Friday was Confirmation and Mother was asked to be someone's godmother. And the choir was singing/playing so I decided to drop by Ross and buy an outfit. I got...


for less than $100. even after plus tax and all.

head scarves, shoes, purse. love the shoes!
wore this dress with the shoes and purse to the confirmation mass. was alright.

wearing this dress right now. effin love it! adore the pockets!

this has a bit of cleavage that i'll have to fix but, i like it.
There was this Size12 dress that fitted me perfectly. It looked so effin good! But I knew that it wouldn't've worked if I sat down and the material was sorta thick, really hot! I was going to buy it and make it my "goal" dress but, I didn't wanna spend the money then. Might go back for it later. Pictures later. Lolz!

I started doing the petsitting at Sara's house on Saturday. Otouto is helping me which is great. He only wants half of the pay for each time he walks Molly. Lolz. I'll prolly give him more. The job isn't that bad because I'm learning. But, most of the time I'm too afraid of "What if something happens to Molly (the dog) while we're walking her?" "What if we don't do this exactly right?" So that I'm not that comfortable. I'm sure that when I get my own dog, I'll be more comfortable but, right now I'm taking care of someone else's dog so, I don't want to mess up. But, the pets are really nice and sweet. Molly hasn't barked once since we got there. It's lame that Otouto and I have to drive over in the morning and then home at night (instead of just sleeping over) but, even though Mother is fine with us being there all day, I doubt she'll like us sleeping over all week. But w.e. She's being nice about the whole thing already so, Idc. Lolz. I basically just had a buncha pics and really wanted to post them to get it over with. And so I can concentrate more on my hw. Lolz. Hate that.

I still have:

Fried Shrimp recipe and... Otouto and Mine's TV debut! O yea and...the HT meeting.

Which I'll do once I get back to Sara's.

Chya ne!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I gots me a Twitter account!

Because I'm pet sitting at Sara's and didn't know where the computer was and couldn't get online with my laptop so wanted to say something through the phone but...ok long story short...

Twitter looks cool! : )