Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thit Bo Beef Steak

Original Recipe - taken from my POPS!!! PAPAAAAAA!!!!!

Yea I don't really remember at all how my dad did it. I just basically...went out and bought some steak, took out the ingredients that "looked" right....and threw in the amount that "looked" right. And it was awesome!

What I did!!


- Garlic Powder - Salt - Sugar - Pepper - Soy Sauce - Fish Sauce - Bot Ngot (English term IDK) - Steaks - Butter


The ingredients waiting to be used.


- Take the steak and a "hammer" thingymajiger and pound on the steak. Idk why but that's what I used to do when my dad cooked the steak so I still do it. It really helps when you cook it though. Especially if the steak is hard and not tender enough. My steaks were really...really...large. And I shoulda pounded more but, it was OK. - Mix a bit of garlic powder, bot ngot, a little bit of salt and sugar, pepper to taste, a bunch of soy sauce and a bunch of fish sauce. I knew it was right when it just started smelling right. Sorry I can't be more precise but...If I do cook this again, I'll make sure to take measurements and update. - Pour the sauce over the steak. Then place the steak in any remaining sauce in a bowl and cover.




- Wait a few hours. Do homework. - Turn on a pan and melt some butter in the pan. I cook my steak with butter, not oil.


Butter's burninnnn....

- Put in your steaks and cook until happy. Otouto wanted well done but...I didn't pound the steaks enough so it took forever to cook it to well done and so...it wasn't that well done. I was impatient for mines and so was a little undercooked but I just went back and cooked it for a few more minutes and it was perfect.


- The marinade was deeeeeeelicious. I didn't think I'd be able to do it because I never paid attention when my papa cooked steaks. I don't know what came over me, I just used the ingredients that I thought should be in there and I just put in the amount that made it look and smell "right". Thank God it worked. - The only problem I had was that it took forever to cook but that was my error and not the recipe's.






Next time...:Fried Shrimp chyeaaaaaaaaaa btcheeeeees!

Ok gotta go to class.

Chya ne!


Why do I want to have a concentration in Environment? Is it because I'm currently working for DOI? And I like where I work and will hopefully work for them for as long as I can until a better career opportunity comes up? But even if I do have a concentration in Environment now, then what? I'm not getting a Masters or Doctorate in Environment. And the Environment classes required for the concentration have so many prereqs. If I concentrate in Environment I'll have 22 more classes to take in 4 semesters. If I don't concentrate in Environment, I'll have 16 classes to take in 4 semesters. I don't want to take just 4 classes a semester, so I'll probably take 5/semester anyway. But if I don't concentrate in Environment...I'll have room to take other classes. Maybe I'll just take a bunch of Chinese classes. For fun!

I really like where I work right now but...first off, none of my bosses even majored in anything Environmental. And even if I did have a concentration in Environment, it shows nowhere and it'll go nowhere. And I'm not furthering it so why do it now? Whereas, I have a concentration in Asia and a minor in Asia and obviously Asia is a big deal in my future career goals so...that's definitely something I have to follow through with. Besides, I'm not going to work for DOI forever, and the other departments (State, Homeland Security) that I'll most likely go to if I do stay within the U.S. government...don't really have anything to do with Environment! That much. And...I probably won't stay within U.S. government forever anyway...well maybe in the near future but later I'd like to move on to UN or something...or work in UN through U.S. government, idk.


I've been stressing over my minor in French. I've been trying to decide whether I should drop the French minor and take Chinese or Japanese language classes instead. Since French doesn't have that much to do with Asia anymore, or anything. But now...if I drop the Environment concentration, I can continue to take French (which I was going to do anyway)....and also take Chinese language classes. And besides....I really want to work for international government organizations....like UN...or Interpol...and their main lanuages are...English (which I know enough...) and French! And the UN also values Chinese. So that's a win!

Ok...that's what I'm gonna do then. Tomorrow I'll go ask the school to revoke my Environment concentration and just keep my Asian concentration.

So now my degree is....

Global Affairs Major with a concentration in Asia. Double Minors in Asia-Pacific Studies and French.


That sounds about right.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I do NOT want to go to this retreat.

Yes...I know...that's how I felt last time and it turned out fine. But this time I know all the people who are going...and the people in charge...and I don't wanna go no moreeeee!!! Argh! O well...hopefully...god hopefully it turns out fine. I have tons of photos that need watermarking so I'll do that soon and then I'll do a real post.

For next time:

- St. Patty's Day Outing

- Food (Restaurant, My recipes...and the Lasagna recipe if Dolores ever sends it to me!)

- And of course...shizz about how this retreat went...ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....lameeeeee.....

I wish these people were more organized...I don't wanna drive there...well I do...but I don't wanna pay for gas and shizz. And I'd be fine with not driving there if they just figured out who was going with who when before the day of! Now I'm sitting here...less then two hours before we're supposed to meet and get ready to go...and I'm still not ever sure who's gonna pick me and Otouto up. WTF? I sorta don't wanna drive because I don't wanna strain my car...but then again it'd be easiest if I did just drive myself and Otouto. I'll know exactly where all my shizz is...I'll be able to arrive and leave when I wanna...dadada....


Ok whatever. Ha. Aishhhhh this is lame. Me and my stupid last minute decisions that can't be changed.

O yea something else to talk about next time:

- Cha Bo

I think that's it. I wasn't gonna post or anything but...I have half an hour left of work and I gots nothin to do. So there.

Ok chyaaaa neee!

O yea P.S.

Tina's and Hanna's mom is uber nice. Lolz! I called Tina yesterday to ask if her dad could pick Otouto and I up and take us to church...and I guess after we hung up Tina's mother thought that for some reason there was something wrong with my car...like it was broken or something...so she called me and basically said "You want my husband to fix it for you?" Lolz, she's cool. But yea I told her there wasn't anything wrong, miscommunication. But haha....their family is nice.

Ok...Yea I still have half an hour left...hence the rambling...oiiiiiiiiiii vayyyyyyyyyyy....Hermmmmm....I should use this time to learn some Japanese...but I forgot the website...o well...

Okie Chya ne!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I had a Daniel Henney dream last night.

Nothing happened. Lolz. It was short but uh...pretty inspiring...pretty awesome. Yup.


I've realized I lose my brain sometimes when I have nothing to do. I think people give me stuff to do to avoid me scaring them with my idleness. O well!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fly Birdy!!


me and doloreeeees!!!

100th post OMGGGGG!!!!
Wow…I don’t remember having ever kept a blog for so long. Wow.

Don’t have much special for this post. I just felt the need to post something. Lolz. Dolores came over for a sleepover and it was pretty awesome. Look forward to a deeeeeeelish lasagna recipe and some delectable pictures. We also made a german chocolate cake…Omg…IT WAS HEAVEEEEEEN!!!! Ah…sweet angles sing. OK anyway. So…as an attempt to make my 100th blog somewhat awesome, here’s something that I’d posted on a previous blog of mine. Read and ponder…

Is it Irony? Fate? Or is it You?

March 14, 2008 · 1 Comment

Say one day you were walking down the street and a “being” appeared to you and told you that tomorrow you were going to die from an airplane crash. Unfortunately for you, you have a business meeting at the other side of the country and therefore had to take a plane to get there, when is your flight? The next day. So since you are extra, extra careful, and you don’t want to die, you decide to cancel your plane trip and drive to the meeting, but you had to get a start right then. So now you won’t be taking the plane, great right? Wrong, as you’re on your way to the business meeting, in your car, a piece of an airplane falls from the sky and WHAM! There goes you and your car. Now, is that Irony? Or is that just Fate?

Say you didn’t believe the “being” that appeared to you, say you just didn’t care and went on with life and took the plane the next day to get to your meeting. Your plane crashes and you die, is that Irony? Or is that Fate?

When someone is foretold to die and they do their best to avoid the situation in which they are told they will die, but end up dying anyway, people call that Irony. But isn’t that also Fate? No matter what happens you are doomed to die at a certain time, certain place (assume this is true) and no matter what you do you can’t avoid it. That’s not Fate, that’s Irony. And if the person who is doomed to die doesn’t try to avoid their death, what is that then? Just Fate?

Another thing, when your death is “foretold” and it actually does happen, is that the cause of your being fated to die? Or is it cause of your own subconscious? When on the day of your “foretold” death your death does occur, is it because it was Fate? Or is it because subconsciously you had the idea of your death occuring at a certain time on a certain day in a certain way, and because of that you somehow put yourself in that exact situation, ready to die? Not because someone saw into the future and told you, but because they told you, you in turn made it happen?

I don’t know. This is what happens when I have too much free time at work. I think one day we should have an experiment. Someone should randomly go up to a random person in the street and tell them that the next day they’re going to die from a car crash. Then wait and see what happens. The person might die, which would mean either that they were fated to die and you just foretold their death without really meaning to, or that people aren’t doomed to die at a certain time, place, but rather because they think they are they just put themselves in the death situation. Or, they don’t die, in which would prove that you are “fated” to die at a certain time and it’s not cause of your subconscious. Of course as with any experiment, it’d have to be done over and over and over, and the results might prove both theories. I think it might also be illegal. O well, maybe one day.

Who’s with me?? No one? You’re going to die, I saw it.

Omg I think I’m going crazy. I need work to do!!

The 1 comment was just Reed commenting me. Lolz! So yea…interesting that I wrote that around the same time last year as I’m reposting it now. Cool!

A few little tidbits for your reading and looking pleasure. Remember that if I got something from somewhere else…I’ll either put them in quotes or I’ll say who it’s by. Usually if they’re just in quotes, I got them off a website and didn’t feel the need to cite (because the originator is anonymous) but wanted to make sure no one thought that I was creative to make it up. And obviously I’m not going to place quote marks around pictures. If it doesn’t have my watermark on it, I didn’t take it or make it. If you wanna know where I found stuff, just ask! Here ya goo!!

Chya ne!!

” y0u g0tta let g0 when y0ure hurting t0o much

y0u hafta give up when l0ving isnt en0ugh 

y0u g0tta m0ve on when things aren`t like they
were bef0re

cuz f0r sure, thereSz s0meone 0ut
there wh0 will
(( —— l0ve y0u m 0 r e —— )) “


” If distance were measured in terms of the heart 
we’d [[never]] be more than a minute apart * <3>

(I liked this quote a lot. I’m a firm believer in long distance relationships but hey…who am I to talk?)


” “Lie to me,” she whispered
”I love you,” he said ”


” Things change and people do too,
but my love goes out to a certain few 

The ones who are there through the good and the bad 

I’d say they’re the best friends I’ve ever had. “

(I had to retype that one. The grammar was horrid!)


” Graduation is a bittersweet mixture of opportunity 
and letting go. Seniors are justifiably sentimental. 
They know the world will never be quite the same. “

(So freaking TRUE! I think.)


” You start backstabbing me

and going against your word

thinkin’ “Oh she will never find out” 

Well guess what?… I heard * “


” When shit goes down n sides are taken you find out

Who was real && who was fakin. “


.* ThE MorE FriendZ YoU HaVe *.
.* ThE MorE ProblemZ YoU SeE *.

.* CuZ EveryOnE ThatS A ParT Of uR LifE *.
.* TaLkS cRaP WheN YoU CanT SeE *.


” What goes around comes around.

That’s what people say. 

so all the pain you caused me 

will come back to you someday. “

(I didn’t have a horrible life experience (Ok maybe I did…but that’s beside the point!)…these quotes just rhymed better than the others. Lolz!)


(Ok time for some lighter quotes. Ha!)


” º° ToNiTe I AsK ThE StArS AbOvE °º 

º° WhEn Im GoNnA WiN Ur LuV°º 

º° WhAt Do I Do? °º 

º° WhAt Do I SaY? °º 

º° To TuRn Ur AnGeL EyEs DiS WaY °º “


” Do iT 2 day…
iT mIgHT bE iLLeGaL 2MoRRoW!! “

(If it doesn’t probably hurt to have this tattooed on me…I so would!)


” Life is all about trusting your feelings and taking chances.

losing and finding happiness; appreciating the memories

and learning from the pain and realizing that people 

ALWAYS change <3*>


” Sometimes you gotta hold your head up to the sky 

fake a smile.’ and pretend your fine . because all things 

have a purpose whether its good or bad - hearts 

get broken and friends get mad. But whatever 

may happen just keep a smile the whole way thru 

and never let anyone get the best of you. ”


” The harder you FALL 

The higher you [[ Bounce ]] “


Friday, March 6, 2009


I wanted to do my homework during this class but...my homework requires textbooks, which I didn't bring...or that I play a game...which I can't really do while taking notes. So....I'll just get this over with. Lolz!

Ok so...er...let's see...so this past weekend I went to the Tinh Tam Mien for HT. I have to say...overall it was pretty good.

On Friday, A. Phat picked me up and took me to church. There, we hung out for a bit while the rest of the HT were arriving. A. Phat gave me $55 to pay the fee for the Tinh Tam. I know that when he and A. Phong told me not to worry about the fee, I thought A. Phong was just kidding about A. Phat taking care of it for me. And, A. Phong'd said it was just $20. But the actual fee is $45...even though we do get a $20 refund later. Anyway...yea so A. Phat paid for me but told me not to tell anyone. He said that they (Idk for sure who "they" are) really wanted me to go and didn't want money to be an issue. So yea.

Thao, An and I went with A. Nguyen. The drive there was fun but sooooo creepy!!! So this place...it was in the middle of nowhere in Delaware. It was...an aquatic center or something like that. We passed the house on the way in and ended up U-turning real close to this really creepy plant (like chemical plant, not flower plant) thing. At some points the roads were completely deserted. Also, on our way there A. Nguyen was playing NNN reading Can Nha So 24 through his Ipod. Man...that story is creepy! We didn't get to finish because on the way home it was already day so A. Nguyen said we should just save it 'till next time. But yea...the house OMG...soooooo creepy! It wasn't completely run down or anything but the surroundings...there were plain fields on all sides and this swamp/lake thing in the back. I should have taken a pic of the place when we first got there because I never left the house after we went in. Lolz. But...I do have this pic taken the next day...O ok so I guess I went outside once to take some pictures and camera whore myself but...anyway...


i swear...it was creepier at night...

Ok so...Friday night we got there late...had the opening mass...did a little confession thing...hrmph...And then ate...and went to bed. There were a LOT of rooms in the lodge. Each room had a buncha bunk beds with actual beds! It wasn't bad at all. That night we went to sleep at around 1ish because we were watching a movie...which was supposed to be a horror movie but was more just a weirdish kinda thing. It was made up of a buncha stories and we ended up only watching 2. The second one was pretty good. This girl who usually isn't into looks gets obsessed with a ghost's beauty and the ghost takes advantage of that to "switch places" with her...if you know what I mean. I can't remember what the first story was though...o wellz. It reminded me of those Japanese horror anthologies. But this one was Chinese. Ok yea.

So Saturday the retreat really started. We did blah blah and blah. I can't say it was the most exciting...alotta discussing of this and that...Although each doan did do a skit, was sorta funny. Ours was based on the biblical phrase "When I was naked, you clothed me..." Or something like that. And the other HT decided to plan the skit on Friday night...so we were going to just do this other thing that we did before but change the needs to clothing...it was pretty straightforward...But then a lot of the other skits were sorta...not so straightforward...so I started thinking metaphorically and came up with the idea of abuse. I asked A. Huy if we should make our skit a bit more not so straightforward but he said it was OK. But then later Thanh said that we should change it. At first I thought that was sorta rude because I hadta write up the "straightfoward" skit by memory...and then she just says we should change it. But whatever. I thought about it too.

So basically what I was thinking was...clothing is supposed to protect us. Say, outside, you would wear clothes to protect you from the weather...or if someone hit you and you're wearing a thick jacket, the thickness of the jacket would offset a bit of the pain. So to me...I think that nakedness doesn't just mean a poor person without clothes...it's anyone or anything that lacks protection. The other people in my doan got the idea and liked it a lot. So we changed our skit and made it a kid that was getting abused by his alcoholic father, with the absent minded mother, and the sister who throws herself between her father and brother to protect her father. Yes...if you know me and you're thinking...I did come up with a story that reflected my life...but change it slightly to emotionally abusive mother, dead father, and...the rest is the same. Lolz!

Ok anyway...long ass story short, no one got it. I had to explain it a bit to my group, and A. Huy himself had to go around and explain it to other groups. It wasn't that confusing! It was metaphorical but, I guess it was too much for the other ppl. A. Nguyen was the abusive father...he's really good at it. Lolz! Chinh Hai was the little kid...Thao was another sibling and they played it pretty well...An was the absent minded mother but she didn't do her part right. She was supposed to say something to her husband quietly, he'd snap at her and she would just leave and then I'd come in...but she kept hanging around Chinh Hai (the kid getting abused) and so basically did my part...which woulda been fine except that we wanted to make it totally obvious about the protection part so whoever was protecting the kid, supposed to be me, was supposed to literally throw themselves in front of the father's kicks...but An just kept hanging around...she didn't do a dramatic protection, she just walked around and shizz...so the skit kept draggin...Aish...whatever...Anyway...Lolz...

Ok so all that...and then...that night (Saturday), we did this thing that...Idk, I don't remember ever doing it. We had a chau at first...and then we all sat in a circle...I was thinking "OMG SEANCE!" half the time...but it was really just bonding time. Lolz. We passed a candle around and whoever wanted to talk did. I said something or other. It was cool. Kinda.


looks pretty!! i'm not one to be religious but...i love the candles! and i thot it was just nice.

Ok so anyway...that night we went to bed...we were listening to another of NNN's stories but...I couldn't stay up for it. It was boring anyway. Lolz.


winter pooh having a little fun on one of the poles of An's bunk bed. : )


ahhhh cuteeee!!!


winter pooh and cu teo (thao's bear)


i was...er...packing...yea...

So ok...I dreaded going to the tinh tam, I really did. But I have to say that overall it was kinda fun. Something interesting with the HT, and I mean all the ones I've met so far, the ones from Mien...which can make it hard to make friends but also make it easy...is that once you're together it's like you're automatically friends. There's no introducing anybody. You come and it's just like...there you go. I mean...I had random people squeeze themselves in between me and other HT...sit there...I'd turn around...turn back and they'd be sleeping on my shoulder. It's not creepy! Lolz. I mean like...It was like...I don't know. You can't really dislike anyone. You can disagree with them and all when it comes down to doing things and stuff but...I don't know. It's hard to hate them. There was this one girl who I "met" at the first HT thing I went to in Richmond...God I thought she was so effin annoying but...at this tinh tam, we were taking group pictures and I jumped in front of her and she just reached around my neck and pulled me down like she knew exactly who I was. I mean...I guess that sounds weird to some people but, to me it was sorta cool. Even though there's some drama amongst the HT...they bond a lot better than...other people...::cough cough:: NS ::cough cough::...Idk. Lolz. You still do have to keep an open mind and all but, that's the way it is with everybody.



on the way home...in a. nguyen's car...he has a nice car..

Ok so that was probably the longest part of this blog...Lolz...

Alrighty moving on...

Picture time...? Yea...let's do that.




i read somewhere that something about how your favorite scents can really stimulate something in you that helps...memory and shizz? idk...but i love the smell (and taste of course) of these things.

My mother came into my room, saw the box in my trashcan...then asked me if I had some more because she likes them too. So I pondered it for a second and then decided...alright why not? And...if that sounds mean, you'll see why I had to ponder in a second...

So I reached into my desk drawer and opened my last box, took one out, turned to give it to her...and when I look at her she's staring back at me wide-eyed...and I think...o eff...and she goes...you're not allowed to buy those anymore! They make you fat!

And so I go.................................................................ok..................................................

But then of course, because I'm not allowed to buy them anymore...yesterday I went out and bought some more.


tina : )

As mentioned in previous posts, I went to the movies with the NS. We didn't take as many pics as I said we would...We never do...huh...But yea...those two were from after the fact...Isn't Tina the cutest?? I say YES!



chocolate croissant

There's this bakery place on campus that has the BEST bagels. I absolutely LOVE their bagels! So I thought that their other pastries had to be a bit as good right? Wrong...I couldn't even finish that croissant. The chocolate was chalky, disgusting. Tasted just as bad as it looks. I'll be sticking to the bagels from now on.


my violin next to my aunt's wedding thingermajiger...

Otouto and I played our violin at my aunt's wedding last summer. It went uber well, I might've mentioned it on some other blog...but yea Otouto came down and unpacked while I was doing someone's hair...and I guess before I came down someone decided to take my violin and make a nice pic with it. Lolz, I guess it was one of the professional photographers. Otouto said it woulda looked better if my violin was clean of rosin but...I say it looks real that way. Lolz! I love my boo...the violin, not the brother.

Speaking of violins...and instruments in general...




the orchestra i play with...the row i sit in...

Yea I play with a mini orchestra...Church music...it's pretty fun...I do it for the music. Lolz. So we have...some violins...some violas down the line...then the row in front of us has woodwinds and some more violins. Lolz. I didn't know which pic was better. The idea came to me as I was playing and happened to look over...Actually I'd messed up and glanced over at Otouto to see if he'd noticed...Hahaha...but yea...I wanted to take a pic candidly but since I was playing at the same time as the rest of them, I didn't pick up my camera quick enough...so I had to spend a minute or too going "hold your instrument in play position, pass it on!" LOLZ! They're pretty awesome, those kids.

There was a fire Wednesday morning! Well...It wasn't a big fire...but it was on our floor. A neighbor came pounding on our door to tell us to get out because there was an actual real fire. Sometimes the alarm goes off and it's a false alarm so, people've stopped coming out. But this neighbor, he doesn't live on our floor, so Idk what he was doing on the floor, probably visiting people, but he was running up and down the hall pounding on people's doors to tell them to get out. He's really helpful. Otouto and I like him a lot. He's nice and friendly too. He's probably the neighbor we talk to most. Apparently the house that had a fire was right next door to us...but...the smoke to me seemed to be coming from way down the hall...Idk...


helpful hero : )


firetrucks yay!!!

Speaking of neighbors...I went down to CVS the other day...and one of my neighbors was outside the store and asked me for $20. At first I thought she said $2...but she actually said $20...so I gave it to her. Lolz. Then she had me stand there for like...5...10 minutes while she talked about how everyday she thinks about my dad and his smile and shizz...and I was like...that's nice...

And then I guess this dude saw me give her $20...or he just saw me...and came over and asked me to buy some Christian merchandise...$5 each...they looked real nice...and so I bought two of them and gave them to Mother.

It's not that I just have the money to give away but...why not you know?


Had a project to do for HNRS 353...





OMG kirbyyyyy!!!

I now love this game and want to buy the DS version... : )

The assignment was basically to map out an aspect of an old NES game. Idk if I did it right...but I did it. Me and this other girl got sorta...er...not upset...sorta...annoyed...at this other girl's project on it. She did the same game...but she basically took the Kirby's game for Nintendo and turned it into a board game. I didn't think that made sense! I mean...take a book and make it into a board game...fine...but take a game and turn it into a...game...? It was just so complicated and "much" to me. She had game pieces everywhere. And the thing with the Kirby game is that there's so much you can do, so much going on. And also, and Otouto actually said this before I did...Kirby's Adventure isn't a chance game...but the girl said that it was. And I didn't get that at all. Anyway...lolz...unless you've played the game you probably won't know what I'm talking about...or even if you have you still probably don't know what I'm talking about. But this was the most colorful thing I've done since I started college so...yea...that Kirby on the star took me like...1o whole freakin minutes! I actually drew the star hoping that when I colored it in it would make the eraser marks less noticeable but...didn't work. O well...heeheehee...I like Kirby second to only Pooh Bear.

Ok...Idk why but I always blog best when I'm at work. I started this post on Wednesday in class and now it's Friday at work...LOLZ! I did a buncha stuff and finally had an hour to myself so...why not blog? Lolz.

Ok so before I end...just wanted to talk about this singer. Shady Stone. I'd never heard of him before I downloaded one of his songs...and recently I tried to look him up and I found some other songs of his but no information about him. Someone said he's just an internet singer or something. At first his voice was a bit high and sorta whiny for me but...I like his songs a lot. Voice wise...it sometimes sounds like Cardin Nguyen's. But I don't like Cardin. He's...Idk...he sucks. Lolz. But anyway, Shady's voice has more variety...and it's so relaxinggggggggg. He sounds like...Ok let's just say that, if you (a girl LOLZ!) got in a fight with your boyfriend, and he serenaded to you outside your window and his voice is Shady's...you'd forgive him. Heck you'd jump out the window to him. I don't wanna make him sound too amazing...but I do like his voice and songs a lot. Especially "Chi Co Toi Yeu Thoi"...and "Thien Than Tinh Yeu." The little rap parts in his songs are good too...not as good as Eddy Viet but...pretty good. The English attempts at rapping suck but, s'ok. I don't think it's Shady that raps in his songs too...I think it's like...featuring someone or other.

OK camera whore-ing time!!!


i randomly felt like making a cell phone charm thingimajiger. It photos better when it's not swinging around.

Before I end...I'm probably not going to go over this post for grammar because I have to go pick Otouto up from school...and gdam it's just too long a post! So sorry beforehand! Ok here's some real camera whore-ing.




sOmEbOdy can't take a serious picture! you know one where they're not making weird faces!?


opp...there's one...

chya neeee!!!