Wednesday, December 31, 2008

ok we get to leave work 2 hours early...

but it doesn't matter because my bus doesn't come again until 3:30...and mother's at work so the earliest that she can pick me up is 2:45...aish...o now i'm just sitting here...i'll probably pretend to do work until 1 at least...i already finished some small projects and i really don't wanna start something else now...

keets annoyed me again today. but w.e. was just little stuff. letting it go. but omg she can be uber immature and so inconsiderate at times. pisses me off! but it's ok...ok...w.e....ok...but next time she asks me to go and stand outside with her while she smokes imma be yesterday the smoke kept blowing my way and the ashes got on me and my ice cream. yes i said ice cream!!

so the ht are having a new year's party today to make up for not having a xmas party. it's potluck so everyone has to bring a dish but i don't wanna cook nor do i want to ask mother to cook...there'll be gift exchanging and the gift has to be at lesat $20 and i'm a college student not a working professional so i don't have $20 to spend on a gift exchanging present and even if i did i refuse to spend it on them who are probably just acquantances not even friends...and no where in any of the emails they sent out announcing the party did they give the address or directions of the place and i am not a magician and even if i can do magic i wouln't do it just for this. so i'm not going. but the ht are singing for the mass today...i have to go to mass...and otouto and i are supposed to play violin for them...but i don't want to be in their presence because then they'll ask if i'm coming and i'll say no and they'll ask why and i'll have to come up with excuses. of course there is the chance that they won't even bother to ask but i don't wanna risk it. yesterday mother was like y don't you go you can't stay home all the time and i'm like omg please you don't let that apply with my other friends but you make me go out with them? mothers can be so confusing sometimes i swear...anyways...i think i'll just sit with mother for mass today and not play and then go home. i was going to cook some clams but then mother was like how about hotpot with shrimp and i was like with octopus and she was like that has a lot of cholesterol and i was like so does shrimp and she was like but you like shrimp and i was like...i like octopus too. so then i was like nvm i don't wanna deal with it imma just go home and sleep like i did yesterday! i went to sleep at 8 something! was so tired...and so sick...still coughing...

what...was i talking about...? wth ok anywayz....

so last week was otouto's winter concert. freaking idiot teacher left otouto's name off the concert brochure and he's freakin second stand for goodness' sakes! and so i emailed her a mean but nice letter the next day demanding an explaination and she said it was mere oversight and i was like at least i'm now assured that it won't happen again. it was very professional...and sorta strict. then otouto's teacher added me on her w.e. they played pretty well i gotta give her that, and i told her so. anyway otouto told me that day when i came home that she's moved him to the second violin section but that'd better not be because i emailed her or someone's getting sued.

o yea something else...i saw a buncha ppl from w-l when i was there. i never realized how much i didn't wanna see them until i got there and saw them and realized i really didn't wanna see them.

so since i had to drop brother off at the concert site an hour before the actual concert i went over and played with the cousins instead of just going to wait in the school. so today cousin albert actually played with me and didn't run away screaming like usual. then after the concert both otouto and i came over and played with the cousins. lolz. had fun. they're so cute!

tien (2nd aunt's kid) and 6th aunt kept giving me funny looks. stared at me but didn't smile back when i smiled at them... then wen we were leaving 6th aunt ruffled my hair as she was talking to her bf cuz he asked if we were going shopping with them...which we weren't. idk was weird.

sooooo my room is a great big mess. here's a small view of a part of the room.

i took this picture while playing with colored pencils at work.

ok so for christmas eve mass i hadta help with the nativity thing. i was in charge of the babylonian slaves group. we started with 8...then went down to four...then one came late so had 5...they were cute. lolz. very ADD. at one point we had the dress rehearsal for the first time...and so i just let the kids do the dance...but i only told them to walk up to the area between the stairs to the altar and the first of the chairs. the other cuu ht who were also doing the thing but in charge of other groups started freakin out. they were all yelling at me because apparently i shoulda been smart enough to tell the kids to go all the way up to the altar. even though, they'd never gone over with me the basics of where the kids were supposed to go...where they were supposed to come from...where they were supposed to dance...and the whole time i was practicing with the kids we had to practice in the basement because the angels group had the altar space the whole time so our group never had anytime to practice in the main area. then later they were like we just don't want your work to be wasted...which was a really good excuse but honestly...was there any reason to bitch and scream about it...??? i was getting really pissed off!

but w.e. the grownups are always bitches.

we played pretty well during the mass. sounded good i thought.

so after mother came home from mass we went to co hanh's house. ate food. watched mamma mia for two seconds...helped otouto mess with the dvd and tv for like half an hour...then went back to watching for 5 minutes...then went to sleep on the couch. woke up at and left co hanh's at 5:30 the next morning, went home, changed and went to morning xmas mass. i was uber tired...

the night after xmas we went to chu han's house. otouto and i thought it was going to suck so we decided to leave at 8 (party starts at 6). we ended up staying till 10ish...maybe 10:30pm. it was uber fun. lotsa good food too. lolz. i could only find chu han when i left so i didn't say bye to his wife or kids and apparently his youngest daughter got mad that i didn't say bye to her so she threw a tantrum. lolz. she's cute.

then that sunday we went to di lan's in the morning and i played wii with the kids and then took like a half hour nap...i think i make noises in my sleep...the kind you make when you can't breath or you're being jolted up or something like that. idk. anyways, mother made us leave at around 1:30 and she promised to let us stay overnight next time but...she always says that and it never happens so...yea.

so we went to mass...and otouto and i decided last minute to go to the thanh gia choir party at co thu's house...who is thuy's mother. i haven't seen thuy in awhile...but apparently she goes to nova so she's in town, i guess she just does other things now. it was fun. we all got lottery tickets...which i didn't check......did a gift exchange...i guess one of the ladies saw that i didn't like the present i got so she gave me hers...then someone else gave me hers too...lolz. yay! then mother won the big prize...$50 and she said she'll use it to pray for pops so lolz.

on monday otouto and i and his friends went to tysons to see a movie. saw yes man. was funny. had to pee real bad because i was coughing my lungs out so i kept drinking water to soothe my cough and then just needed to go to the bathroom. : ( after the movie we shopped. got some cool stuff. no clothes though, didn't wanna get too into it. was still fun though! cuong's friend's friend bot his one week long girlfriend a $120 necklace from a real jewelry store...after his friend bout his girlfriend a necklace and earrings from icings...i was like...dude whoa wth. haha! man did they have fun teasing the rich kid afterwards. his friend who bot the thing from icings was like you spoiling your gf too much man. is good children good!!!

thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i think that's it.


i think that's actually it for now...should i even bother rereading everything for grammar and spelling...? eh...too long...maybe one day but for now i'll just leave it as it.

besides, i wanna get back to my horror movie. some of the mysoju videos work at work! my bosses have all left!!! i can't leave for another hour and a quarter because i gots no way to get home darned bus for not running again until late...yay!!

chya ne!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

i told myself i was gonna blog today...

but maybe i'll put if off for later...just so tired, and sick, can't get my thots right.





- nativity

- mass

- co hanh's

- chu han's

- thuy's



it'll be a long one next!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

mother is so...meAn...eViL! even.

sorta really pissed!! papa left ME that necklace which includes the necklace, the cross AND BOTH rings. NOT just the necklace and cross, but necklace, cross, AND BOTH rings! AHHHHH!!!! she keeps subtly scheming to get the set back. (i don't wear the rings, they're on the necklace). i'm letting her "borrow" them this time but if they don't come back, she's gonna get it. i don't care if they're her and his wedding rings, she hasn't worn them for a long time otherwise they wouldn't be on his necklace. and that necklace turned up in MY jacket after he died so whether or not i or anyone believes in anything, there's no explanation for how it ended up there unless HE left it there for me! this is making me cry she's so mean!

lasagna is...really...really good.

i made some with dolores the other day...and ate leftovers of it i'm just sitting here at work and thinking.."i want some more lasagna..."

it was really good!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

chuyen cua ta chi nhac ke duoc thoi

kiep dam me

neu co yeu toi - pops

Monday, December 22, 2008

i had fun this weekend. i know! FUN!

so on thursday keets came into work and it idk. lolz. i guess i just sorta don't wanna get into it too much so i'm just gonna ignore the annoying stuff for now. but at one point i was over at her cubicle and kevin walked by and i guess i was in one of my moments where i was talking about how great christmas lights are and how pretty they are and how i really like them. so on friday, kevin looks over at me from his cubicle and goes "nhu-y why do you look so glum?" and like the stupidhead that i am i look up and go "what?" and so he repeats his question...and i just quickly look outside and lie that i'm sorta tired and sad because it's so nasty outside. hte truth is i really was tired and shizz so i was just intently reading summaries of horror movies online. so then two seconds later he goes "maybe this'll make you feel better" and he plugs in the lights on the tree between my cubicle and his. so instantly a huge smile plasters itself on my face and i go "it does it does!!"

lolz, couldn't contain myself.

then i left work and met up with otouto at gblc (where we volunteer). speaking of volunteering mother said that she wants me to drive otouto to arlington hospital because a distant relative of ours works there and says that it's easy to get volunteering opportunities there and personally i think it's fine what with him wanting to be a doctor and all but i hate the way she was talking down at me when she told me to do it because i was like can he even get a place there because brian's told me before when i asked him why everyone wants to volunteer at hospitals and he said it's really hard to do but mother just kept talking to me like i was stupid and i had no idea and i just looked on the hospital's site and it says that you have to be at least 16 and that you have to work for at least...that's at least! 6 months (i guess it means be committed to working at least 6 months). otouto's 15 and apparently mother only wants him to work for the summer which is just 3 months hardly. ok i digress...anyways...

so when we got back home i called reed and he came over. i got alluv my bday and xmas presents from him. OMG it was such a poohbear day and i loved every minute of it. pooh books, pooh dvd, POOH STOCKING! pooh ornament...the cutest pooh cards...and a real POOH!! (stuffed). lolz. it was awesome. i've already sat myself down and watched the pooh dvd, lovedd it! will probably have it playing in the background over and over while I clean my room until i've memorized all the songs. love it!

i told reed about my cardmaking hobby. we came up with numbers on how much i should sell them for and stuff. i made him a few cards and took some orders. i've been commissioned. it'll be great! his first few orders are free tho cuz he helped me figure out the numbers and he's awesome.

we ordered chinese...was really really good...just watched random t.v. and talked and talked and talked...i don't think we even watched a movie, just sorta hung out. lolz. was uber fun!

saturday...youth group...there was a "tro choi lon" aka big game. i was one of the stations. it was really funny. i like being the head of a station, you get to bully the kids. hahaha! after mass there was a going away part for thay son. yummy food. o yea...during youth group, there were alotta cookies set next to some clementines and i asked if i could have a cookie. one of the youth group leaders (remember i'm only an assisstant leader) said that we should wait till the kids have it first. so then i said then can i have a clementine (i love those!) and she was like, yea sure. and there was this guy next to her, who's ex leader? well you can't really be an ex, once a leader always a leader...but he hasn't been to youth group in awhile, he just comes sometimes to hang out, not to help out, and i know his name and all but i don't know him, and he doesn't know me either i bet, but anyway, he goes "yea have a clementine, lay of the sweets." i was literally taken aback! like...there are some guy leaders who tease about me being fat and stuff, but i know them. like, we're not best friends, but i know who they are, we joke around all the time. so i don't care that they tease me or say something about me eating. but this guy, i didn't even know him! and he didn't know me! i mean ok...maybe he knows my face or has heard about me, there aren't that many youth group leaders and assistant leaders...but still! i thot it was uber rude!

and then...someone else i dislike...this one girl youth group leader, i really, really dislike her. it's like all she does it seek ways to torture people. at one point there was a jeopardy game and there were 8 teams. and all the kids were being rowdy and stuff but she was sitting right next to otouto's team. and so even tho all the kids across the room were being loud, she goes "cuong what's your team name" and so otouto tells her because i mean...his team wasn't being any louder than any other team so who woulda thot that she'd go "take points off his team they're being loud." now that i think about it i shoulda been like "o, take points off all the teams they were all being loud." but then again my orders don't go very far so...lolz. and it was only a game...only thing they win is a tiny ribbon pinned to their shirt but...still. she's mean!

ok so...then sunday...i went with dolores to the farmer's market at dupont circle. i love that place, lotsa really pretty houses! we bot a buncha stuff to make lasagna and then went home. sat around...talked and shizz...watched the pooh dvd that reed gave me while i pretended to clean my room...then made the half was meaty, hers wasn't...ate...was really, really good!! and then watched a horror movie. we watched...Loft...i think it's called. it sucked. was so confusing, was not good at all! so we had to go online to look it up but nothing was clarified then either. o wellz. you gotta have the bad movies to be able to appreciate the good ones.

then drove her home this morning and came in to work.

omg...i just came back from lunch with my coworkers. was so freaking funny! i swear they are just hiiiiilarious, especially my boss. i just kept laughing and laughing and laughing till my eyes teared and my tummy hurt, and i swear i couldn't freaking breeeeeeath!

and...while we were at cheesecake factory i thot i saw this guy i was attracted to for a bit a few semesters ago. i don't know if it was a crush...wouldn't go as far as saying i liked him cuz i never new him...but he was sure as hell attractive. lolz. but i was on my way out and so didn't really look.

but anywayz...i can't remember what type of pictures i maybe i'll have a separate post later on (once i get home from work...yes i'm at work right now and yes i know this is not helping my "better work ethics" resolution...) with lotsa pictures. idk.

o yea something else...on friday mother came in and made me write cards to the priests at our church. there's three of them. apparently they all speak french. and so i wrote like one simple french phrase in the cards. and then on sat. one of them talked to me in french. seulement un peu...premierement il a dit "seulement une phrase?" et je veux dire "je ne sais pas quelque chose autre d'ecrire" mais je parlais avec quelqu'un autre et ne peux pas le dire. et aussi pendant le petit fete, il a dit "vous avez dit que vous parler francais oui?", ou quelque chose comme ca, et j'ai dit "oui mais seulement un peu" mais je pense que c'est possible que j'ai dit "une peu," ca ce n'est pas correct. et il y avait un autre "priest" la bas aussi et alors, nous n'avons pas parle beaucoup. lolz, ah je ne sais pas.

ok i think that's it...maybe pictures later...but it'll have to be after i clean my room...o! i can do like an update on what i've gotten for xmas and bday so far! maybe, i'm not sure yet. : )


Thursday, December 18, 2008

i made 96 dollas selling three of my text books on amazon.

i sent 'em off today. i tried selling my SAT study books a year or so back but only one of them sold so i wasn't sure about selling my books this time but, thank goodness i tried again. a friend of mine from school sold her textbook back to the school for half the price she bought it at, i got more selling them on amazon.

then while i was on my way home i had a perfect idea. i've decided not to give any presents this year aside from to reed dolores mother and otouto...but then i thought about giving out handmade cards to the other ppl. like a packet of 5 cards for every person (the designs've gotten better). granted last night i spent like 2 hours making just 6 cards, but that's because i was watching criminal minds and csi ny so my eyes were somewhere else half the time. and i think if i make more i'll get better at them and will make them faster. and the time was mainly spent thinking about what to do so once i bring about my imaginative side, it prolly won't take so long. well, if i want to do this then i have to start soon seeing as how xmas is next week and the girls that i'd give the cards to i'll only see on saturday...ok maybe i'll only make and give out two or three packets. lolz.

and, i was thinking, if i make those packets, i can have like...a single each card would have a themed stamp...and all the envelopes would have the same basic design and say something like..."snow kissed"...on that say one day i do start to sell the packets, i can just sell them by name. and of course i make mini cards to not waste paper and those would be called..."mini snow kisses"...or something...yea i'm making those names up as i go. i'll post up some pics later.

and then! i was thinking...lolz...that if someone buys like...more than two packets, i can add in a handmade bracelet or earrings or something...yes i make those two.

i really like making cards cuz a lotta the tools can be used over and over. a few dollars for a few stamps that can be used for a hundred cards! and the cardstock lasts me awhile 'cuz i make sure to use ALL of the card.

i used to think that i had to have a lotta stickers to make good cards but omg buying stickers is so wasteful. stamps are much better. for now tho i only have good xmas if i do continue making these cards...i'll have to buy more occasion stamps...

ok i've always wanted to create my own company...and when i was younger all the cards or anything i made had "AA Productions" on the back...lolz...AA stood for Asian Alliance...but now it just reminds me of "Alcoholics Anonymous"...maybe cuz otouto and i are freaking...alcoholics...ha! and...what asian ALLIANCE? for now the stuff i make will be called "BlNC Productions" one girl company will be called BlNC Inc. stands for Baisez les Nuages Creux. can be sounded out as "bink" or "blink". LOLZ! and once i have a real company, wikipedia will say "AA Inc., formerly BlNC Inc....has made quite a name for themselves..."

yea it took otouto and i like 15 minutes to think of that name. ha! i think it's cool. as i was thinking of names on my own i made up some stuff but didn't know what the nickname would be. now tho the name is Baisez les Nuages Creux but ppl'll just say "ay man have you seen the new designs from 'blink'?" cuz that's how they'd pronounce it...

ok...sooooo...yea...what...? i just got a phone call and so...have forgotten what i was talking

sound cool eh? i had a thought to mark all my photos with "BlNC Productions" too but...lolz, i think that might be a bit much.

so yea...both AA Inc. and BlNC Inc. are copyrighted aiight??!!!

k coo.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

profanities agloreeee


daddie...i wish i could run over to your room and show you what i made, because i know that even if you were sleeping you'd wake right up and smile at me and my silliness. no one else does that! they either think i'm stupid or they just don't give a shit. daddie...i wish you were in your room so that i could run over there. i need youuuuu...where aRe you??? i can't even tRy to stop my tears. daddieeee.......

so one of my coworkers came by and hovered around my cubicle while waiting for the boss's office to clear of people...

and we talked about when she went to school and the jobs she worked and stuff. she had to work multiple jobs and all through college so she developed a really good work ethic. so every now and then during the convo she would mention "good work ethic" and while listening to her talk i was absentmindedly also thinking of work ethics. my own of course.

i can't say that i have the best work ethic...or even a good one at that. i'm a pretty big procrastinator when it comes to school work and sometimes even work work. the summer was the worst. i mean...yes i did develop a database and did little projects here and there...and i did a lot more than the other two interns here...but still. a lot of the time i felt like i wasn't doing anything.

one of the reasons for that is this intern that was here. she...she's sorta...i don't know. usually...i guess she's fine. she's nice and understanding enough. but i mean...other times she just wastes my time. she'd call me over to her desk for no reason. i'd come over and stand there waiting for her to say something and she'd look up at me after a few minutes and be like "so what's up?" and i'd be like "did you need something?" and she'd go "no, just wanted you to come over."

i've had a lot of issues with her trying to make me keep her company. i had to snap at her once about it and she was not happy but i didn't care. i mean...she started working here before me...a year? before me. but she only worked during the summer whereas i worked all year long. which meant that my time here has been...almost two years while she's only had...1 summer month, 1 summer month, a whole summer...and she's coming back this break. tomorrow.

so she's been working here overall a total of 5 months...and i've been working here a total of...24 months...i started in jan. 2007. ok so almost 24 months. on paper she's probably the same level as me, but she always acts like she's my boss. and i guess because of that everyone else here has also looked at her as higher leveled than me. usually i don't mind cuz i mean...what's it matter? it only gets to me when she becomes a bully. i was never really bullied much in school...was just bullied at i don't know how bullies really are but...i think she's a bully. she literally purposely hurts ppl, and she knows it. i don't know if i've talked about it before...maybe it was the last blog, but just for example...i was sitting at her desk one day and she just randomly took a pair of scissors and tried to write on my arm with it. at the same time i looked down to notice, someone else was walking by and sorta just looked at us and so she stopped. but by then she'd already carved a line in my arm. was very small but i was like...WTF? and then while we were on detail in maryland, we had these badges with really hard, sharp edges, and she took one and ran it along my arm so that it scratched me, and this time i got pissed so i was like "dude, i have one of those too" "so?" "so i can do that to you too" and she sorta widens her eyes in disbelief and goes "i dare you! i dare you to do it!" and omg, she got so scary...i was scared, literally! that and the fact that we were in an office! we were on detail for work! no one was in the office with us at that time but still! you just don't DO that at work! and of course she's done other mean, bully things but, w.e.

so usually i'm a pushover around her. or well...i act like it at least, because i really like this job and she's closer with the bosses than me and i don't want anything to ruin my chances here, especially if it's in the form of a bully. and i mean...she's not done anything SO terrible...i must have a pretty high tolerance if to me scratching and shizz is i don't say anything. it's not like the ppl here don't know that she has temper, attitude problems, but with the overall big picture, it's not worth making a big deal out of.

so anyway, over the summer she was here all three months. and a lot of those times she'd be given little menial tasks but i'd have to help her. like once, she had to mail out 200 something books. she couldn't print labels because she doesn't have a computer and printer, so i let her use my computer. big mistake. she kept messing up and double printing and stuff so that she ended up being on my computer for forever. then even after that, she confused the heck out of herself and started getting so upset that i had to come over to her cubicle and calm her down. then i told her to just go do the other thing that someone else had asked her to do and she told me to just leave the stuff. she told me to throw away like 10...maybe 20? pages of labels because she couldn't figure out whether or not she'd double printed them. so of course she leaves and in the half an hour that she's gone, i checked all the labels, printed out the ones she didn't have, checked with the master list to make sure i had them all, put them all on boxes, basically did her job for her. when she came back all she had left to do was put the books in the boxes and then send 'em off. she was like "omg i'm so thankful, tomorrow i swear i'll help you with whatever you need help with" and so the next day i ask her, stupidly, to check some info for me and she did it, but only after grabbing the papers out of my hand, snapping at me, and walking away all mad. i was like...OMG! but anyway, why, you ask, did i do all that to help her when i shoulda let her do it herself? well i've experienced her throwing things about, slamming the telephones, in one of the office rooms (when no one was in there) because her family was late in sending her something or something, idk, and i was not about to let her throw stuff around at her cubicle and possibly get in trouble myself for not helping her calm down.

what was my point again?...o yea wasting my time. then once, she called me over to my desk because she had to paint something, and she hates to paint even tho the only reason she got the job here was because she won an art contest, long story, and so i came over 'cuz i thot she needed something but nope, she just wanted me to ramble on about senseless things while she painted because she was upset that she had to paint and she needed me to distract her...

I KNOW! WTH??!!!

so of course since she was making life a big pain in the arse here, i would trudge down to HR where my other friend worked so i could complain and rant and break down and be comforted. lolz, thank god for my friend in HR, she got me through it all. so after i get down to HR, i wouldn't wanna go back up to my office!

for her credit...that girl intern is not a bad, terrible person. she's usually fine, she's a nice friend when she's in a good mood. but otherwise...she's a mean bully. but if she's in a nice mood then she's great...!

...erm...ok so yea...obviously even tho i did a lot over the summer, i also didn't do a lot. i didn't use my time efficiently. then when school started i only worked 6 hours a week. it didn't feel like enough. there were days when i'd come in to just check stuff on the computer and then left...early. i always told myself that as long as i was keeping up with the work...and that i have all of winter break to take care of the huge build-up in my "TO DO" folder. i swear...i look at that folder and my head just hurts.

well, today is my first day back full time, and i have to promise myself that i am going to improve my work ethic. i'll try to come on time every day and leave on time. maybe late, but never early. unless there's a family emergency something, lolz. and i have to work hard. since it's winter break and i'll be full time, i might have to juggle stuff, and i need to make sure that i do each task well. and...that girl is back starting tomorrow (i thot it was today so before i came in the door this morning i almost had an anxiety attack, it's thAT bad)...and...i don't know. i don't know what kinda work she'll do or anything but...i have to maintain a safe distance away from her and her cubicle. i mean...she's said that i'm one of her best friends, and i swear usually we're's just other times...i'm tired of helping her keep things together when i have my own stuff to do. i don't want to make her sound like a monster but...sometimes she's close! and even tho we're friends...i just don't agree with some of the stuff she does AT WORK. i mean...yea while she's in state she's in manassas and i'm in arlington, but i wouldn't mind hanging out after work (well maybe i would mind) and of course i'm cool with having a friend at work since i have my HR friend too...but still! some of the things she chooses to do AT WORK is just...Ahhhhhh incomprehensible!

ok i digress...i figure that i have a lot to do this break. need to keep up, catch up...make up...i don't have time to waste. the coworker that brot up this whole good work ethics thing had a much harder time with money for college, i realize i have it good. but if i don't work hard to catch up this break, i'll end up working as hard, or harder, than she had to. i can't let that happen. and i want to prepare myself for the "real world" while i'm still in an environment where mistakes won't cost me too much, yet. what was the point of this post you ask? idk. i think it's that...i have to work on attaining a better work ethic!

altho...i guess blogging during work doesn't help right...? well...i'm waiting for someone to get back to me about something! and...since it's my first day back i don't have any little tasks to do, just that one big project but i can't work on it till someone emails me back something and...ok i suck.

tomorrow! tomorrow i will begin to improve my work ethics!

wtheck does good work ethics mean anyway? i'll look it up.


A Good Work Ethic: What Is It? By Carl Muller.

Having a good work ethic can take you a long way in your career.

I’ve seen numerous references to the historical meaning of phrases like “good work ethic” and rather than getting bogged down in various interpretations of what it means, the reality is that employers tend to look favorably on staff who are considered to have a strong work ethic.

People often refer to someone as having a good work ethic when they work hard however I think there is a lot more to having a good work ethic than just this.

I’ve found that showing your colleagues and superiors that you care and have a good attitude with regards to your work can help you build a good reputation that carries you far.

To me, having a good attitude goes hand in hand with having a good work ethic.

I’ve found that it can be easy to exceed the expectations of others simply by being someone who is reliable, diligent and professional. Conversely, having the opposite of these traits can be your quickest way to being seen as a lazy employee who is not held in high regard by others.

These days, companies often get by with fewer staff doing more work so being seen as someone with a good work ethic can really help to distinguish you from others especially during periods of downsizing or conversely when it comes time to promote someone.

To me, having a good work ethic in a modern sense refers to being professional, diligent and caring about your work and the people you work with.

Completing your work on time, not wasting the time of your colleagues, sending professional emails without typos, offering your help to others when they require it. I think these are all hallmarks of people with a strong work ethic.

A positive attitude goes a long way, too.


sounds possible!

funnily enough, she's known as having a temper and attitude, and i'm known as the happy-go-lucky-life-is-awesome-always-a-smile-on-my-face-even-tho-everyone-knows-my-life-isn't-and-hasn't-been-all-that-great-one. i get my work in on time...i for one don't waste time of my colleagues...i rererereread all my emails before i send them, especially if they go outside the service...and...obviously i help others. i also do care about my work and those around me, cuz they're all nice. lolz. so...i guess...maybe i'll just have to work on being more of all of those traits plus wasting less of my own time?

ARGH...i hate how one of my coworkes in my actual branch always thinks i need something to do. like...omg do you not see the binders and folders and notepads and do you not see my eyes glued to the double computer screens and my face in a confused state? that means i'm working on something!

AHHHH!!! o well. i hope that my boss doesn't ask me to give the other intern something to do when she comes in tomorrow. well...they'll both be in before me i hope, so maybe by the time i get in, she'll have something to do..

ok i gotta stop. this is not helping me improve my work ethic. just gotta forget about allathat...and focus on doing better during this break. ok!

ghirardelli chocolate is really good.

chya ne!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


i do dreadfully hate the way grades make me feel. the thots of grades, especially bad ones, make me feel so useless. i don't wanna do anything, don't wanna talk to anyone. it's such a pain! argh! i wish my grades didn't affect me so. i mean, it's not like i wouldn't care about them at all, i'd still care about my grades and stuff. but i mean, the prospect of getting bad grades makes me feel like i should be doing something about it. but what am i supposed to do? these are final grades, there is nOthiNg i can do about them now. so i then feel like i should be reading something or studying something...but what??? i mean...i know i need to do extra work to keep up with stuff over break but...finals only ended a few hours ago! can't i even try to enjoy myself for the night? i'm watching mary poppins for heaven sakes! the happiest thing ever (the country fair scene)! and the only thing i can think of is...nothing!

and i have things planned for this break, sleepovers, meals, outings, movies and such, and right now i just feel i won't be able to let myself have fun doing any of those things!

it's not even like...knowing i have bad grades. i just need to KNOW! you know?? like...i'm pretty sure i'm getting at best a bunch of Cs...but the...the dread of not what's getting to me. i keep checking grades every few minutes and my heart jumps and skips a few beats as i scroll down the page and no grades have been posted, 'cept the two that i already know. ah it's such a pain!

i hate how grades ruin my life! why??? well...i guess it's not just grades. but the grades...the bad ones...lead on to my noticing my fatness, face...untalentness. it's so depressing! i'm usually fine! or i can pretend to be at least. but i hate how grades, grADEs...GRADES!!! remind me of all those nasty worthless feelings.


Friday, December 12, 2008

aujourdhui, c'est mon anniversaire. j'ai vingt ans. quel age!!!

last night i heard mother go into my room and saw her put a balloon on my desk. then this morning otouto woke me up and shoved an ihome in my face. lolz. was funny. it's a...what's it called...speaker pillow i think. it's totally cool! hahahaha, i have to listen to music while i sleep and it's annoying when i'm sleeping out and i don't have my boombox. so i tried sleeping with my head phones on and...they hurt! the earbuds and the normal yay for the speaker pillow! lolz, it connects right to the ipod and it's awesome!

and then mother asked my if i'd seen what was on my desk so i ran back into my room (was in the living room) and saw three little ring boxes. i was like...YES!

i love jewelry. i absolutely adore jewelry. i was reading this other girl's blog the other day and was sorta disgusted by her talking about how she's so used to being treated by a princess even when her family was poor so she expects her boyfriend to be able to keep up and shizz...but then i realized...wen i have lover, i'd want him to be financially stable, very stable. i mean...i'm not asking for princess treatment...but i love jewelry and i'd want it for presents and stuff. no lie no shame. the other girl was used to being treated like a princess and so expects to be treated like that for the rest of her life, i am so not used to being treated like a princess so expect to be treated like one in the interesting that girls' dreams are all relatively the same.

anyways, so i gots three rings from mother. one of them is one that's been around for awhile but mother kept it and i was only allowed to wear it on special occasions and then it stopped fitting. so she resized it. the second one she gave to me to wear a few months ago but one of the diamonds fell out so she got it fixed. and then there was this new one that's like...uber pretty. the main diamonds for the two newer ones is month's color. but i told mother my fav color is seagreen so...maybe another one in a few years? when i graduate undergrad?? see i'm not THAT's a jewelry present every few's not often...lolz. mother knows i have a love for jewelry. and i was like...whoa three?? and she was like...well it's been 20 years. lolz, they're all so pretty! i always get excited when i get loves!!! usually i only get earrings every few years cuz mother gives money to ppl who go to vn to buy them...and i used to get necklaces but not as much...and i don't get bracelets usually except twice or something a long time ago....and i've gotten rings but not often...nothing like these!

and funnily....i can't wear fake jewelry...i'm allergic...literally my skin gets red and bumpy and happens to a lot of ppl! i think. i am not high maintenance! i just like nice things. and i'm not spoiled...hell knows that otouto and i are the poor kids amongst our friends...maybe that's why getting a ring or a pair of earrings is so nice to me, for a little while it takes me away from our small apartment that's half paid for by the government cuz we don't have enough money, and takes me to a place with diamonds and riches. one day! one dayyy!!!

and the jewelry i've gotten has always been from parents boss got me a bracelet once...but other than that once it's always been from the 'rents. i used to, in the very past, pretend that it was a ring i got from a guy, a loverr....i got over it. lolz. i guess i sorta like that it's from my 'rents. it's simple but it's like their attempt to take me away from the hard life for a bit. idk. but my lovers' presents'll have to be larger...but larger or not i prolly won't appreciate it as much as the ones i got from the 'rents.

ok so enough about my ranting. here's how shallow i am, s'ok tho, i accepted that fact awhile ago. and it's my bday! let me splurge on my narcissism!

ok so tomorrow after mass we're having a bday meal. co hanh and co phuc and someone else is coming...and then there'll be mother me and otouto. heehee! just a simple meal. mother said she didn't want to tell anyone that it's my bday. i think co phuc knows that my bday is sometime around this time but...idk if she knows it's tomorrow. s'ok tho...i have the awesomest presents this year. lolz.

and next sunday reed otouto and i are gonna go hang. it's like a bday/xmas celebration, since it's the weekend right after my bday and right bfor xmas. it should b cool! i dunno if i'll have enough money tho so...idk, we'll see. if i don't have enough then maybe i'll just have reed come over and watch a movie or something, idk! i should get his presents soon...

but yea, i'm so old!! no longer can i use the "teens" as an excuse for my sillyness.

::sigh:: papa, je souhaite que vous etes ici. vous me manque. j'ai vingt ans deja, vous savez. papa, restez avec moi toujours, s'il vous plait. j'ai besoin de vous.

ahhhh another year downnn!!! mother said that she won't be doing a bday anything for me next year...i guess this year's dinner is considered a party? but no worries, next year we go clubbing! chyeaaaaa!!!!

s'all, i'll be back either after exams are all done and i'm free...or after all the bday stuff is over. lolz. we'll see.

chya ne!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


HNRS 131 - Essay - Due 12.09.08; Email; 8AM - Done, LATE!! - a B+! WTHHH??? I knew it, I was way too optimistic about this grade so it failed! I thought I would get an A-, come on! She emailed me a few days after I turned in the paper and said that it was really good, my writing was excellent, blah blah, and that the good final greatly affected my overall grade. If the final greatly benefited my overall grade yet my overall grade was a B+...then that must mean my previous grades must've sucked right?? But I mean...HOW??? I participate in class discussions...A LOT! my moderation was pretty good I thought, my writing was Bs and C+s...but my presentation was a 98/100! EVERYONE LOVED IT! That had to count for SOMETHING???!!! AHHHH....O well.

HNRS 240 - Essay - Due 12.09.08; Mailbox; Noon - Done...LATE...but brilliant!!! - Final Grade B+. Heh. I was sorta freaked cuz I turned this one in through email and so wasn't sure if he'd gotten it. Emailed him last night and asked if he'd gotten it cuz my final grade hadn't been posted way after he said it he said yes that he did get it and it was great, as advertised. I did ask to meet with him next semester to go over it, not because of the grade, but because he's a really awesome teacher and I'd love to get his opinion on my writing and stuff. Cuz I swear it's that kinda writing that'll get me through life no matter what history professors say! Even research papers have to be written this way, I swear! There were like...what 20...30? 40? rules about this type of writing but I only memorized two: no "to be" verbs in any form...and no past tense. I've done pretty well on the no "to be" verbs, not so well on the no past tense...but no matter...I find that my papers always get better grades when I follow those two rules, even when I only try too. And I'd like to hear what he has to say about my writing overall, mainly critiques cuz I actually like him and value his opinion. WEIRD! I KNOW! I usually am uber scared of teachers...

HNRS 240 - Extra Credit Essay - Due 12.09.08 - Yea...not doing it...

RELI 212 - Exam - 12.11.08 - DONE! Was not bad...out of 10 definition questions I answered 9 and was positive about 7. Left one blank because I was just what?? And "guessed" on 2. For the "essay" question I think I did alright. Only worried about my structure, but the info was good, I think. And I got a B+ for my paper so....maybe I'll get a C in this class? Fingers crossed for a B! But thank God it's OVAHHH!!!!

GOVT 132 - Exam - 12.16.08 - DONE!!! do I put this...freakin awesome! 40 questions, 2 wrong means minus 1 point...out of the 40 questions I was unsure of like...3 or 4, and didn't know 1, but just looked it up and think I might've gotten that one right. And the 3 or 4 that I was unsure of...I guessed reasonably, I think this might be OK. Please dear God...

FREN 370 - Exam - 12.16.08 - DONE! do I put this...RAPED THE EFFIN EFFTARD OUTTA ME!

HNRS 227 - Exam - 12.16.08 - DONE! Was actually pretty good. I went over all my previous tests and of course...the questions on the final were exactly the same. I only had time to review my first two tests was sure of the first half or so...then the last few questions was But I just checked my grades this morning...and...B+! OMG! I KNOWWWW!!! It's freakin AWESOME! I have pretty terrible test grades aside from that passing C on the last test, but I guess my lab grades and clicker question grades saved me? And maybe I did do well on the final? IDK but I saw the grade this morning and at first didn't realize it because I thought it was just one of the other two HNRS grades but no. I was like...YES! I don't have any hope for B's for my last three classes though because, at least for this class I had those other assignments that I did well on to save me. The last three classes, I don't have those other assignments so...I don't know. All I'm worried about now is if my GPA drops too low I won't be able to renew my scholarships. But no...cannot think about that...must...not...think...YAY A B+ for science! YAY!

F*CK! Just bite me life...just effin bite me!

Friday, December 5, 2008

i need a new schedule book.

saw some cute ones on supercutekawaii something (link to the left). i think i'll get them at the end of the year. i've always wanted to order one from mg usa, but they always only show the front, never the inside of the book which personally i think is the most important part! but the websites that are selling them that superkawaii linked to do show the inside and it's really cool. it has everything. so i think i'll get one. lolz. the pooh one that keets made me was a fail. so glittery...and i really dislike that type of binding...speaking of which i should go look at the binding of the books i do want...lolz.

so mother told me that nam's wedding stuff got stolen. most importantly her wedding rings. she has the normal ring(s) that she wears everyday, wedding band i guess that'd b called, then a more expensive set with diamonds which she only wears for special occasions. well yesterday was a special occasion and she went to get it out to wear it but couldn't find it. apparently on thanksgiving she invited a lot of ppl to her house, mainly her family, immediate and non-immediate, and i guess she thinks that's wen she lost them. our family wasn't there, thank goodness, or else we'd be suspect too. and mother also said "we're also the poorest." sadly that would be considered. i feel sorry for nam tho, she's my fav. aunt. lolz.

speaking of that...they're celebrating darren and albert's bdays this saturday...that's tomorrow then i guess. and well, there's a ht meeting after mass tomorrow. last, last ht meeting we all went out to eat for ppl's october bdays. we didn't go in november. and i asked one of the ppl on the panel wen we were going out to eat next and she said december. so it's very possible that the ht will go out to eat for december bdays tomorrow. i'm a december baby! yay! but cuong and i decided not to go, one cuz i don't wanna b around a.p. right now, annoying! and two cuz we wanna go play with darren and albert instead. albert's mother called and asked for mother's number then before she hung up she asked why we haven't been over there and told us to come to this one. she's prolly forgotten already but still, i wanna play with the babies. but then again, their whooooooooleeeee family'll be there, like cuong and i'll even get a chance to play with the kids. we'd prolly be able to play with them more if we just came on a normal day. then mother said yesterday that nam and great aunt don't want to make this bday big, since so many bad things are happening in their household. so they're not even gonna have a lot of food. so cuong and i decided that if the ht do go out, we'll prolly go with them, if they don't go out, we'll go to the bday party. i'm not completely sure yet tho, idk.

thanksgiving! mother cooked the turkey. she did...badly. she forgot how to do some stuff. it tasted ok tho, but can't wait till two.five more years wen i've moved out and i'll do the turkey, and make it look good too. i coulda done it this year but mother promised to leave me completely alone then changed her mind about the turkey and i knew that she was gonna keep changing her mind till she controlled my cooking so i just said i hadta do hw and let her do it. o welpz. it tasted fine. not as good as papa's! then co phuc brought the side dishes. we ate lunch. i went and watched a horror movie while everyone else slept. came out ate some more since co hanh had just come. then went and rented movies. watched kung fu panda, forbidden kingdom, and get smart. they're funny movies! then on friday took cuong shopping at 4:30am and came back at 7:30. slept. went to church and did that thing. just quickly, the reason that i don't wanna be around a.p. right now is cuz, after the friday thing he sent out an email and thanked all the ns in general for helping out with the skit/dance. then he especially thanked two guy ht who helped with the play's background music and for helping him drive the kids. he didn't mention at all, first off (being narcissistic here but who cares it's my blog) me, who choreographed, taught, and practiced the dance for the girls, went to buy and put together props, and was in charge of the whole dance. he didn't mention the two girl ht who danced and one of them who helped drive the girls. now a.p. has always had a history of being sorta...well, honestly...sexist. so i wasn't THAT surprised. but then again i was cuz i thot he'd gotten over that but i guess not. fine he thanked all the ns together as a group so he didn't single out the dancers. but he thanked his guy ht specifically and didn't mention at all the girl ht. so i imed him and told him about the two girl ht, but didn't mention myself, so he goes sorry i'll send out another email, and i'm like, yea sure you're sorry. then wen he sent out that second email he thanked me and the other two girl ht for driving the girls. like...i'm sorry but, i think i did just a little more than that. ah well, what can you expect. one of the reasons i keep my distance with these ppl is cuz you do all you can for them and you get jackshit, not even a thanks. eff that.

ok anyway...hahaha...thanksgiving pictures! thank god for the ppl in my life that are thankful, considerate, and kind. thank god for god, papa, nhu-y, cuong, reed, dolores...mother somewhere down there....nam, co phuc/hanh...erm...i don't feel the need to be thankful for materials. lolz. i'm trying the...highlighting/coloring/bolding/sizing important words thing...makes it look sorta cool. lolz. ok seriously

was really deeeeeelish! almost finished the whole turkey....there was only a little bit of meat left the next day. : ) yay!

i got a haircut on thanksgiving. it's shoulder length now. i love it soooo much! love short hair! lolz. i curled it thanksgiving night just to try and then i did it again on friday. i am obsessed with curllllllls now....had a buncha pics but my face is EWWWWWW in all of them so not now. maybe later...

cardmaking! omg my new hobby! lolz. i saw an infomercial for the cricut expressions machine which cuts paper and i feel in love with it. then googled it a bit and found stuff about cardmaking. so i went to buy a paper cutter (not the cricut machine, just a normal paper cutter) and paper and shizz and am making some cards now. they're really simple obviously since i don't have that many materials but, i think they look ok.

we went to co nhu la's house last sunday. prayed. ate. played downstairs. they have an awesome house, co nhu la has an awesome husband. as h.p. said, she got lucky. lolz.

i love xmas trees! i've been meaning to set mine up but haven't had time. was gonna go it tonight but def. no time, haven't even packed for the retreat yet. so will do it on sunday or something...

i think i want a st. bernard doggy. they're really slobbery tho...but the puppies are so cute! want a malamute too...but since i'm going to the shelter/animal rescue when i do get my first dog there's a bigger chance that there'll b st. bernards than malamutes...idk...but they're all cute so don't care!

watching cuong watch bleach got me into it. sorta drags sometimes but it's cool. i like it.

retreat retreat...DON'T wanna GOOOOO AHHHHHHH!!!!!

ok i think that's enough for an update. last last post i noted something about "boy" but...i can't for the life of me think of what that was....o well!

so many things to do b4 i go and haven't done any of it. won't b back till tomorrow night!

chyaaa neeeee!!!

this is my 60th post on this blog.

wow i don't think i've ever had so many posts before even tho i've had a lot of blogs. yay!

classes ended today. had two of my honors classes, was relatively relaxing. uploaded pictures as the profs closed up on the material and shizz.

honors 131 was a really interesting class. it was about migration and mobility and we talked a lot about immigration and stuff. i don't really know what i'll get in that class. her essay requirements are really simple to follow, it's basically answering questions in the form of an essay, no intro, conclusion, needed. i've gotten preeetty high marks on her essays i think...i think the last one i got a B? B+? because i turned it in late? or something? we had a presentation and i got a 98/100 for that, and wen asked the majority of the class said they liked mine best. and now the final, it's not tooo bad. she's pretty open about it, it's again a bunch of answering questions and stuff. i don't think it'll be too hard. she moved the deadline to tuesday (used to be today) and i think i'll work on it on sunday....yea...i might get an A in this class, don't want to get my hopes up tho.

honors 240...wellllll...i dunno. maybe an A? A-? this is the teacher who gave me a C on my midterm when the midterm was supposed to be 5-6 pages and i wrote 1.5 pages. i thot i would get like...a D or F even...or E? i don't remember which one they use. but yea, he gave me a C, might've been a C+, i don't know. lolz. and i'm doing an extra credit paper...that was the museam visit mentioned in a previous post, and he gave me a buncha reading material to include in the paper. i still have to get back to him about what exactly i'm writing about, so i should read that packet he gave me. but this guy's really open to ideas and stuff. and for the final, i chose to do it on the question of "what makes a good christian according to...?" and there were about 3, maybe 4 readings. at first i thot that i had to include all of them...then read the question over a few times and concluded that i only had to use 1 source...but apparently i had to use 2. haha! oopz! but aside from leaving out half the paper (the comparison part) the rough draft was pretty good overall. he didn't want to give us a grade on the rough draft and he didn't point out specific problems, he just gave us a piece of paper that had his basic edit ideas on it and on mine he said he really liked my ideas and stuff and that all i needed to do was do the second half of the question, then suggested which reading i should do it on. so i'll do that. he didn't say anything about my grammar so...maybe it's not that bad? i dunnoe, might get an A in this one. fingers crossed though.

goverment....oooooooooo government.....hahaha! i swear i am failing this class. but then last week i came in and talked to the prof (did i already say this in a previous post?) and he allowed me as an exception to do a second xtra credit, which i did. then i "met" with him briefly after class on tuesday and yesterday and he went over the basics of what he said in class. and he said that he'll post up a review sheet soon and that i should look over it and then maybe come on tuesday (there's no class but he'll be there) and we can sit down together and i can ask him for clarifications and stuff. i really, really, need to work hard on this final. it's not until next, next tuesday so i'll have time...but this is one of the classes where i'm actually afraid that i'll fail. so i'll be studying hard on that. and the prof has been really trying to help me pass so...can't let anyone down, esp. myself!

french...god i hate this class sooo freakin much! and the teacher...i really...really dislike her. yesterday as i listened and watched her talk i kept having the urge to throw something at her...i know! it's THAT bad! the last day of class she rambled on and on about the book we were reading and didn't review at all like she said she would! instead, she gave us a review packet at the end of class, which is fine, the packet that is, but the questions on there are sorta general...or too specific...but she claims that it's only a review packet, the test questions won't be on exactly the same things so wth?? arghhh i hate her class. i gave her a really bad evaluation...all she does in class is talk about the randomest shizz...she just throws worksheets and worksheets of hw at us that isn't on the then we do that and the stuff that is actually on the syllabus...but does she ever go over the book work that she put on the syllabus? NO! we've had book work on the syllabus almost everyday after the midterms and the last time we mentioned the book was...before midterms. and she made us buy like 7 books! the textbooks were really expensive too! such a waste of a class. AND! i might fail! her way of collecting hw is us turning it in online in sort of a forum like thing...and she never says anything about our grades. she has a "grades" section on her page but the only grades in there are the midterm and our first redaction. she hasn't posted the grade of our presentation yet. or anything else that we turned in online. then wen i asked her if we have missing hw can we still turn them in, she goes no. but she hasn't been posting up what she has and hasn't gotten from us so...if she misplaced or didn't get something or i forgot something, how am i supposed to know?? her class is the reason i had the "i wanna quit french!" crisis. arghhhh so pissed off! for the final i guess all i can do is do the study guide and pray that the test is actually on what the study guide is on. otherwise i'm failing this class.

religion...i stayed up till 4am on thursday morning to write my religion paper on shaolin and wushu. i thot it was an ok paper...sorta not that great but w.e. the paper is supposed to be 5-6 pages...or 2-3 pages if you did a paper and an actual project. when he said project his examples were "perform a tea ceremony" if the paper's on japanese tea ceremonies...or go visit a temple if your paper's on a certain aspect of a religion...or make a diagram of how a temple looks like inside or w.e. i don't remember. mine was on wushu so i guess i coulda made a tape of me doing wushu? idk, i guess that woulda sufficed me it didn't seem like it. it wasn't something that you could learn to do by doing research on wushu. sorta seemed like a cheat. that and i don't even remember anything anymore. so i thot of maybe doing a poster...and i was like...i don't really think a poster is what he meant by the "project" part of the paper. but then on the day of...a lot of people turned in posters. it was sorta childish, middle school kinda lookin. i thot it was stupid. i just wrote the dam paper and made it 5-6 pages and skipped out on the project part. i don't think that a 2-3 page paper with a poster repeating the same stuff you said in the paper but with pictures should suffice but, idk. anyway, then we have a final next thursday. it's hard to study for cuz you're never really sure what he wants to know that you know...but he did tell us basically what to study for...sorta. and i think i might have a study session with this girl b4 the test...not sure tho. i did really badly on the midterm and i hope i did well on the mayb i'll get a B? C+? in the class? hoping for a B. maybe an A-? but that's prolly pushing in.

honors science...haha...well i've been doing pretty badly on the tests so far. i did ok on the last test...was a C or something. hopefully the final'll be just questions from the previous tests so...we'll see. i guess all i really have to do is read the book and go over past tests and hope the questions'll go with each other. i might get a B? worst has got to be C. unless i completely bomb the freakin final but...i don't think i'll be that stupid.

that's all for my classes. i'm taking off work next week to study and take finals. i'll come back to work and will prolly work full time starting on the 17th, that's the day after finals. i hope i do well on these finals man, imma actually try hard to study this time, swear it.

i was going to make this my update post but it's already long enough with those class descriptions so..i'll save the rest for later.

- retreat

- xmas tree

- card making

- curls

- thanksgiving

- bday

- nam

- schedule books

- ermmmm...i don't remember what else...


Monday, December 1, 2008

OK! so this week is the last week of class annnnnddddd i am soooooooo screweddddd!!! i'll be taking another break and will probably update sometime at the end of this week. although, friday night and saturday night is the xmas retreat at church and me and two other assistant leaders are the "spirit crew" so i can't miss the retreat. not only can i not miss the retreat, i have to spend this week planning stuff. i have no idea what to do! apparently we're just in charge of keeping the kids' spirit up with games and songs and stuff but...i don't know any games or songs! a. huy did tell me that i can use what i learned in richmond but...honestly i didn't learn anything. lolz. i learned what type of person i was and what type of person other ppl were and how we can get along but...aside from that...nope, nothing stuck. that and, the songs and stuff they did go over are a bit complicated and definitely not right for xmas. so ahhh i dunno!

that and i have a project for religion due this thursday. have to clean up my room cuz there's an inspection on friday...of course it'll only be a brief clean-up, i'll do some actual reorganizing during break. but omg this week'll be hectic...and then next week i'm taking off work until the 17th (when i'll be coming back full time) so i probably won't have enough for xmas presents. well...i'm only getting like...5 xmas presents so i'll manage but w.e.

i will update with pics and stuff about thanksgiving and such probably late this week, early next week, so that i can get it over with and the thought of updating won't be pushing at me in the back of my mind (hate that!).

- thanksgiving

- classes (maybe?)

- co nhu la's house

- tinh tam (if i update after)

- dog

- cricut expressions

- o yea...boy...lolz!

herm...i think....that's all i'll have to update on later. chya ne!