Friday, October 31, 2008


this richmond training thing is already starting out bad. i don't know who was planning to go orignially but a lot of them have backed out. there's hardly anyone driving down there at the 7pm time. we were supposed to go in a. nguyen's car because he had nnn reading scary stories but now he's not going anymore, at all. this is turning into a biiiig mess. it took almost the whole day for a. phong and a. phat to find someone to drive us down there. if they'd told me sooner i woulda skipped my last class and work and packed last night so that i could go with them at noon..but noooooo. and i was going to bring brownies but what's the point now if no one's goin?? o well...i guess i'll just bring my left over cookies.

i was really looking forward to going in a. nguyen's car cuz of the scary stories but that's not happening. i asked thien an to bring movies but knowing my luck, she'll either not be able to bring any or she will bring some and we won't be able to watch them. i'm planning on typing up my honors 131 paper in the car but watch something happen to my laptop...or watch it get stolen while i'm down in richmond! i was thinking of just writing the paper, handwrite it, but it's easier to type in a moving car than to write. if i do write then it might be easier because i could write if i had free time during the training, but looking at the schedule, i probably won't! so i'll have to do my paper and finish it in the car...this sucks!!! this weekend fails! arghhhhhhh!!!

so i'm currently exploring

aside from being confusing, which i blame on it being just that i'm not used to it yet, it's actually pretty good. it's easy to add pictures which is what i was really looking for. for some reason tho, i'm really attached to this blogger, lolz. i think i mite get attached to vox if i give it some time to be explored, we'll see. but do be warned, i might switch to vox.

i don't want to redo all my posts or lose if i do leave maybe i'll just link to this page from the new one. i dunnoe yet.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

adding photos problemmm!!

so whenever i add in photos they always go to the top of the post and i end up having to drag them to where i want them...well now i got the idea of just adding all the pictures at once so i wouldn't have to go back and forth between photobucket and here...then i got the order wrong so...yea...lame...lolz...

OK! sooooo, i guess we'll start with the new seoul department store...otouto and i went there together last friday and it was sooooo cooooool!! they had an area with all the "cutesy" things and an area for household items, a clothing section, jewelry section, makeup, skin care, everything! the guy in the "cutesy" area was so nice. he saw otouto and i messing with the clocks, we weren't sure how it worked, so he came by with batteries and put them in and showed us how they worked sorta. then on our way out he gave me a free letter thing that looks like a roll of film. he was nice!

the store was really cool. the people there didn't stare and glare us down like the ppl at lilthingamajigs. the department store looked like it had more stuff and it was organized. lilthingamajigs and the viet/chinese stores in eden center have like dusty, old stuff thrown in with new looking stuff so you can never tell. i need to go back to the department store some more to explore...probably during winter break cuz i'll need money. haha!

i wonder if the ppl there thot otouto and i were korean...lolz. the old guy spoke in korean to us when he came over with batteries but we obviously didn't understand...then i think he said something to us at the cashier desk...otouto said thank you in korean on our way out so otouto thinks the guy prolly thinks we're just super whitewashed koreans or something. haha!

on thursday was mother's bday. i cooked! i was so worried that it wouldn't work out because i'm always afraid of cooking shellfish. it turned out well i think...

i thot that dinner was pretty successful...the clams were a little salty altho i didn't put in any salt...we think it was too much butter...

but omg that was a good dinner...lolz...

what else...?

o's just for a mass...same song as last year's but somewhat different choreography. pretty much without event...i'm not gonna dance...mainly cuz i don't fit into the premade costumes (how prejudice against fat ppl!) and i managed to get enough ppl. i'm going to try and be "just" the choreographer for this one. we'll see how it goes. there was some confusion when catherine told me she was dancing but couldn't come to practice but then told thuy told me that catherine told her that she wasn't dancing at all...last i heard she was still doing it so i dunno. whatever, we have just enough ppl without her. with her it'd b ok but...i dunnoe.

so the awards ceremony for lasan was last sunday. at first mother and i had to sit at two separate tables at the front. my table was nice, it was a big family. at one point one of the men asked my name and then welcomed me into their family. hahaha, it was cool. then mother came over and asked me to switch seats with her because her table was too close to the stage. but then right after that the table next to mine (which was all my old ccd teachers and their spouses) saw that it was just the two of us and they had two seats extra so they told us to sit with them. i felt sorta bad for leaving my table cuz they were so nice. the guy said i could come back any time. and they gave me my drink wen i forgot...i totally forgot to say bye to them when i left, i feel bad. lolz. they looked cool. maybe i'll see them again next year, dunno. they were from far away tho, maryland or pennsylvania or something. anywayz, OTOUTO WON! first place! for his division...i was so proud. eight hundred bucks was cool. i smiled non stopp! there was some trouble with mother wen otouto was dividing up the money but we got through it. personally i think he should be able to take it all but he ended up splitting it and only took like half...maybe less than half, which sucked but, w.e. he doesn't care, he just wants his name down in the books. lolz. good for him!

sooooo i have to go down to richmond with the ht for the training thing. it's tomorrow through sunday...o goooood....apparently there was some homework...a. nguyen sent it out and i was like...wthh....??? and the list of things we should have or should's like...what??? and the schedule is like...OMGGG!!!!

i think it's going to suck. lolz. i mean, there will probably b cute guys there what? they live far away, either in richmond or maryland or penn or ny, so that means nothing'll happen. no one believes in long distance relationships anymore...'cept me...lolz. and besides, cute guys hit on hot, cute, attractive girls, and by all means i am not one. lolz. o well, i guess that'll mean that maybe i'll just do better at the training and will get to rank up soon? i dunnoe. mother said that c. mai said that she wants me to go to more training after this richmond one so that i can rank up. ewwwwww. brian and dai hai said that after you bcome a ht there's basically no point in going to the trainings anymore unless you really wanna rank up or you wanna hit on girls, or be hit on in my case. but i won't be hit on so i guess i'm just going for training. w.e.! i just want some authority so that i'm not sitting around doing nothing all the time.

o btw, last saturday c. truc had to teach a course and i ended up taking over like two minutes into the thing. i didn't know what i was doing, i just did it. hahaha, i dunnoe. hopefully the level leader was paying attention and saw me but prolly not, whatever. but yea...i think it might've been c. truc's first time teaching, and she is an overall shy and nice and quiet person...i think at first i took over just to make the kids shut up, and then ended up doing more. it was sorta fun, lolz.

i just hope this training doesn't completely suck. hopefully i can ride in a. nguyen's car with thao so we can listen to nnn read scary stories. haha!

school still sucks. i skipped class today even tho i had a french presentation and called the teacher and left a message saying that my car broke down. i dunnoe if she bot it but i think i would do better if i went on tuesday, since i managed to finish the powerpoint now and practiced once, it's not so daunting. i was just freaking out b4. w.e. and i realized my french accent has gone from "pretty good" to "suuuuuucky!!"

i also skipped honors science...not like there's any reason for me to go. i think i'd rather go home and redo my scheduling...well...i'm trying to decide between going to classes in the afternoon and only working on fridays (8hours) or going to classes early and going to work more during the week. i dunno. boss says it's ok if i just work the whole day on friday since school's more important but...she didn't seem happy about it. i dunnoe.

yesterday was otouto's birthday. we had some of his friends over, had pizza and watched saw iii. i'm glad that at least one of us is popular, lolz. his friends seem to be really nice, which is good. hopefully they'll stay together for awhile. it's good to have friends i guess.

posting on this is sort of annoying. it's hard to add and move pictures...and it doesn't have the choice for "private" posts...i think i might go check out xanga a bit...i dunnoe why but i like blogger, so i don't wanna switch to's just annoying sometimes, lolz. i dunnoe, maybe...

for now i don't think there's anything so i guess that's it. i have to write two papers and prepare to moderate so i don't have to do it over the weekend, because i won't be able to.

chya ne!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Finally, somebody says something...

PULSE After watching the original Japanese version of the flick, a genuinely spooky flick about technology and loneliness, you'll never look at your computer in the same way again. This version, on the other hand, just felt stale. Moody lighting? Check. Freaky music video-like dream sequences? Check. Overbearing soundtrack? Check. Wildly over-produced special effects? Check. Vacant, gym-sculpted teens stumbling around in the dark? Check. The resulting movie, like most J-Horror remakes, was so dull that you could say it, um, lacked a pulse.

From Yahoo! Fright Free: 10 Least Scary Horror Movies

Sunday, October 26, 2008

there's so much to talk about.

but i'm tired so i'll do it later this week.

notes to self: mother's bday new seoul department store dance practice lasan training

Thursday, October 23, 2008's sorta been awhile hasn't it?

well...i've been meaning to update but never got around to it...and i keep thinking about updating so it's hard for me to concentrate on anything because it's just nagging me in the back of my mind. let's seeeeeee now then...

on saturday i went to a pumpkin patch with au. lolz. they were...relatively cute. my group had all boys in it and gosh were they a handful! the other ppl at the pumpkin place were sorta racist too, i thought. there was a magic show in which the audience was half asian kids. and the magician called up a total of...i dunnoe...maybe 6, 7 kid volunteers...and each time he asked for a volunteer all the asian kids raised their hands whereas only some of the white kids did, but every time he chose a white kid.'s hard to talk about racism without being racist yourself. then there was this rude white lady acting all snotty. they had a moon bounce slide and the thing with these slides is the ladder to go to the top of the slide is hardly a ladder at all, so it's easy for the kids to stumble backwards sometimes, esp. if your kid is small. so all my guys went onto the slide and i wasn't really watching until i heard this lady yell at them to stop pushing. so kids are all at the bottom of the line and the lady's kids are in front of them, they're practically falling backward, so what're my guys supposed to do? clear the way and let the bitch's kid fall down? my guys stood their ground and i think the lady reached in and pushed them back a little. that's wen i came over and scolded them to move back and let those other kids go first and the lady gives me this glare. and of course, as me, i glare back. then her kids come down the slide and she sticks half her body in and grabs them and makes them leave. her little bitch who prolly learned to be a bitch from her, goes "who are all these people?" and she goes "i don't know honey but we're going because they're (pushing too much? being too rude?)" i forget what exactly she said but i was like fuck you. you brought your kids to a pumpkin patch! that place has an area reserved for moon bounces, if your kid is too small or stupid to fend off the other kids then they shouldn't be on the moon bounces....or anywhere else in the park for that matter. i was so pissed off! i grabbed all my guys and made them go to the moon bounce on the other side because there was no one there. dam bitches.

anywayz...the trip ended relatively well. gosh i was so tired on the way back. i kept yawning...but i didn't sleep because i thot that woulda been rude to leave the driver awake on her own.

o yea another thing...gracious i never knew how smart these au are. they're elementary school kids and my guys did talk about some inappropriate stuff but in between all that they had a mini debate on obama and mccain! and they weren't just saying crap either...they were talking about how mccain wants war and obama don't and blah blah and i was like...wth? how you guys know about all this stuff? lolz.

then on sunday i went to luray caverns and skyline with ns. it was the most wasted trip in the entire worlddd. we got to the place late...then they made us do a hike for like an hour...the hike was supposed to end at a waterfall but we didn't even get half that far so it was a pretty much pointless hike...then we went to luray...rushed through the tour in like 2o minutes when it's supposed to take 1hr30mins...and then rushed home. i was we should have just spent all our time at luray because a lot of the kids wanted to go on the maze too. it was a freakin waste of time! i also wanted to go to the gift shop to get mother a bday present but after the tour otouto decided to run off with his friend to get dippin dots (no he didn't get me any even tho he should know how much i love them since the first thing i said as we drove into the parking lot was "oooo dippin dots!!") and then the other ht were rushing us to leave. it was suuuuuuch a freaking waaaaaste of time....i think i'm going to reconsider going on trips with ns from now on. i mean...i'll prolly go to the annual xmas party...and the community trips...but other things i'll have to rethink. a. phat has a problem with time management...for sure...he didn't even go on the hike with us. sorta just dropped us there, made us work and then rushed us through what we actually wanted to do.

o yea...apparently something really traumatic happened to tina on saturday...and i wasn't there. well actually technically i shouldn't've been there was during ccd and mass and i'm never with them during those times. at first i felt really, really bad because i wasn't there wen she needed me but...technically i was there...i was just upstairs....lolz...and it's not my fault the other girls had homecoming and abandoned her. o well, i do feel sorta bad tho so i'm going to buy her a hello kitty doll from this new seoul department store i found on sunday morning...i was going to buy her a big one but maybe now i'll just buy her a small one. i mean...wen i first saw the store and saw the hello kitty dolls through the window the first thing i thot was "o tina would love those!" so i was going to buy one anyway...

but yea on sunday morning chu han took me otouto and quan to breakfast and we first went to pho hot and that's where i found the department store. it looks awesome. i think imma go today...lolz...just to look around. altho i do have to go home early to cook mother's bday dinner, o well. i'll prolly just go in and buy a doll, look around real quick, and then leave. lolz.

hrmmmm what else....? o! i saw the movie "vuot song (journey from the fall)" yesterday. it was one of the best movies i've ever seen. i guess i'm sorta biased because father was in a reeducation camp and stuff and it was about viet ppl and fathers in general and i cried a little bit. i am guilty of fastforwarding some parts, half because i couldn't take it and half because it was dragging. but it was an awesome movie. if i had to describe it in one word i guess it'd be...awesome....lolz.

ah i feel like there was more but...i can't remember now. o well this thing's been long enough. i'll try to come back with some more of the justice bao thing then i have time.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I did it. I official screwed up all my midterms.

My last one was supposed to be a 5-7 page paper...i wrote 1 and a half. GOD WTF is wrong with MEEEE????? I feel so...stupid. Yea, that's the only thing that can define me right now. STUPID!

I need a dose of rEEd. No...not WEED...REED!

Ok...I think I'm just going to have to go online, find a random poem, read it, write it, and then send it to Reed. Hopefully he can take out a few minutes to tell me how terrible it is, but I need the dose of harsh reality. God I suck at writing!

Poetry...or novel...? Nah, poetry. I need something easy to get my mind back in the game. I can't wait until Spring semester again to improve my GPA. Gotta do it now. Phooey...

I bet I'm going to be spending all of my winter break writing random essays too. I'm going to force myself to.

I'll start by rereading the stuff Reed helped me write for last semester. I hope I can get my brain back before it completely fries.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kiem Thanh Truyen Ky Ep. 1a

Warning: I will be very, very detailed in my episode guides so if you don't want to know exactly what happens and just want a short review to decide whether or not you want to take the time and watch it yourself, skip the guide.

Also, the episodes are divided within the episodes. At first I was going to do a wholeeeee Episode 1 post but my gosh I figured that's a LOT! And I'm supposed to be studying. Lolz, maybe starting with Episode 2 I can do them by whole eps, but for now, I'll do them by the parts they're divided in.

Episode Guide:

The scene starts out with a feng shui master ensuring a rich man that the place he's chosen to build his home will bring him a lot of luck. The builders come to the place of the rich master and the feng shui master to announce to them that they've found something. After inspection, the feng shui master tells that rich master that the thing they've found seems to be a tomb of some sort, a coffin (or just a big tab or something, idk) from some dynasty over 1000 years ago. O no! Somethins's written on the tomb! The rich man reads if off and...we don't know what it means.

Change of scene. A man seems to have died in his home. The detective asks the neighbors when the last time they saw the dead man was. The detective concludes that the dead man probably drank poisoned wine and died (because he was an alcoholic). A man steps out of the group of neighbors and declares that he disagrees. Everyone gasps because no one recognizes him, I guess. He introduces himself as Cong Ton Sach (EWWWWW I liked the other one better). Cong Ton Sach walks into the house and gets into an argument with the detective. Cong Ton Sach points out some key points on the dead man's body but the detective claims that they were just injuries caused because the drunk man fell about. The detective now asks how Cong Ton Sach think the man died. CTS says that they should let the dead man tell them and they get in a little about how dead men can and can't talk. OOOO The dead don't talk.

Autopsy, against the widow's will. The autopsy shows that the dead man took a hard blow to the head. "So what'd the dead man say?" asks the detective (and he's being totally serious). CTS concludes (after taking the man's head apart) that the culprit is!!!!! a blood clot. So he's not really a's all the blood clot's fault. He did have someone hit him in the back of the head and that person is one of the neighbors who owed the dead man some money. Denies it, denies it, flashback and we see what actually happens:

The man who owed the money couldn't pay it and was a bit roughed up by the dead man. The dead man then went home because obviously he wasn't going to get any money that night. Out of anger, the man who owed money followed the dead man and struck him in the back with a wooden stick (a big one). Then he continued to beat him in the face and ran off. A few hours (minutes, w.e.) later the dead man gets up and swaggers home. By now the blood clot (caused by the beating) has done its damage and the man dies at home. Apparently as the man who owed money was beating the dead man, he left his finger mark on the dead man's clothes. O it's the ring that got him. Not only did he leave a finger mark (since they didn't have finger print stuff back then it was actually a whole finger mark, and his ring left a distinct mark also, if you get it, i don't know). The detective calls for his men to arrest the culprit but before he can, the bad guy draws out a knife and holds CTS hostage. (If I'm good at guessing I bet my lover (Trien Chieu, will come out now.) AHHHhahahaha and there he flies in.

(The cool thing about this is it's always been the same guy who acts as Trien Chieu, or Zhan Zhao, easier to spell, in all the Young Justice Bao films. He grew up a bit but it's always been him while the other actors have changed. I guess it's because Zhan Zhao is supposed to be really, really good at martial arts and this guy is.)

OOO everyone's amazed, it's the famous ZZ. ZZ makes sure that CTS is ok. CTS scolds the bad guy. Apparently the dead man's kid was sick and that's why he needed the bad guy to pay back the debt.

Everyone's amazed at CTS and ZZ. There's something going on with BC that everyone knows about...except the detectives (and me apparently).

Change scene to an old couple being treated by BC (Bao Cong)'s mother. She's not doing a very good job and the old couple leave, the man who was being examined complaining about something about how ever since BC left home, his mother hasn't been quite the same.

CTS comes into the home and treat the couple as they were leaving. ZZ is still as cute as ever, he jokes around with BC's mother. She likes to tease him, I guess. Aw a cute moment while ZZ talks about how he was an orphan and BC's mother is like his mother too.

O, I got it. BC's gone missing for two years (eh..?). And so CTS and ZZ have been coming by his mother's house to look in on her, CTS with the excuse that he just wants to learn medicine from her. And every time there's a case, CTS goes running off hoping that he'll see BC there too. And ZZ keeps talking about how he wants to travel and go sight see when in actuality he just wants to go find BC. They eat.

There's trouble in another land and CTS has been promoted by the king to go to that land and help because he knows the language. BC's mother thinks something's up with the king promoting CTS (not because she doesn't believe in him but because there's always something up with the kings in these things). She gives him a lucky keepsake. I guess CTS calls BC's mother "mom" too. (I swear last I heard CTS had parents...lolz).

Change of scene. Some girls in where prostitutes work (I forget the name!!)...Lau Hoa...lolz, are gambling and nagging their servant, whose name is "Dai Bao." (I have a hunch.) They ask him to entertain them and he ends up doing an imitation show. I guess they're really having fun with him. One of them's gone gambling for real....And she was cheating. But manages to escape because she stalled for a bit claiming that she's actually an undercover official. The people chasing her stop and ask a couple making out in public if they've seen the girl and the couple turns out to be Dai Bao and one of the girls from the Lau Hoa. They give bad directions. Obviously they're covering up for the running girl. Dai Bao seems to be a kiddie idiot.

End of Part 1 of Episode 1


Ahhhh I liked the guy who was CTS in the last movie better. But! I don't want to make a big deal out of it because his character seems to be the same. BC...however...I'm pretty sure that Dai Bao is Bao Cong in disguise. BC has a moon shaped mark on his head and his skin is extra dark (black = justice wikipedia?). But Dai Bao wears a large hat on his head that covers his forehead so we can't see if he has the mark or not. If it is really him, and I'm SURE it is, then wth? I don't like it at all. He's so....childish and...well I don't know. Different, I guess.

It seems to be interesting. I'd give it a shot if I were you and you haven't already. Or you can wait until I have time to post the rest of this episode and see how it goes.

Also, I am not that great of a writer...I'm not a great writer at all even. Therefore, these guides will just be point blank "this is what happened" and the thoughts will be just "and this is what I thought of it." I found that sometimes I won't have time to watch something so I'll go looking for info on it and I'll get nothing, these types of posts are for you other lazy no time havers out there. Like I said before, if you wanted just a short review to help you decide whether or not you want to watch the movie...this place probably isn't the best for you. And if you wanted something so deep in insightful that you can basically right a paper off of then I suggest you go here:

He hasn't had very much time at all to update and the subject is really different but hopefully he'll find some time some time to get in something.

------------------------------------- On another note....

So I painted my nails black. They're so cool!

And after waiting forever...I finally got my pink assistant leader scarf. I managed to put it off for a year or two and didn't go through the training, then I put of actually getting scarf for a few more months after going through the training. But after all that putting off...I have to admit it felt good to finally get it.

Then later that day we had a youth group leaders meeting and afterwards we all went to the buffet. It was sudden and I just wanted to go eat at a buffet so otouto and I went. It was fun. I don't know if that's good or not because...I don't know. These people can be hard to figure out. And I'm hard to figure out and honestly, I don't care to figure them out and don't need them to figure me out either so....I dunno. Hopefully I can be friendly enough while still keeping my distance.

There's this guy who a buncha people apparently met at DHNS II, that I didn't go to, and he said that it was horrible that Thao (the other girl getting the scarf) was wearing jeans and I keep telling him that they're khakis that are just faded and he keeps saying that faded blue isn't khakis anymore and I'm like...are you an idiot? But apparently they're friends with him so I'm just going to ignore him now. What the heck am I doing arguing with some dude who's commenting on someone else's pants? It's just that I'm also tagged on the pic so I keep getting notifications for it, but I'm just gonna ignore it next time. Well...I hope I can, lolz.

Ok that's it. I have two midterms today and I really tried to make myself wait but I really wanted to have some type of post to show that I'm not skipping out on the new episode guide stuff. So then I waited to do the normal life updates too. Lolz. My posts will most likely be this long from now on.

Chya ne!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kiem Thanh Truyen Ky / Justice Bao - Tian Mang Chuan Qi


I've always loved the Justice Bao series. There's been a lot made and sadly I haven't been able to watch them all. I do hope to one day own all of the Justice Bao stuff no matter which version.

Just a little background information: Justice Bao (full name Bao Zheng) is an official who lived during the Song dynasty. According to Wikipedia he really did exist but since I've never taken Chinese history, I'll just talk about what I know of him through the movies and series that I've seen. Bao Gong, as he's commonly called, usually travels, solves crimes, and rights wrongs with his trusted sidekicks: Zhan Zhao (whom I'm in loveeeee with. I love the actors but I think that's because they all acted his character really well), Gongsun Ce (I like him too, both his young and old characters), and his four guards (Wang Chao, Ma Han, Zhang Long, and Zhao Hu. In the Young Justice Bao series they had more film time but in the older versions, as I remember them, which isn't very well, their characters weren't focused on as much but...I still love them)

I think the reason I love the Justice Bao series so much is because every other series about officials and nobles has everyone pitting against each other. No one's respected anymore because no one actually got where they were through merit. No on stands up to the king but everyone talks about him behind is back. It's amazing to think that China ever lived peacefully after all the stuff that's depicted in their series. I know it's just movies and entertainment but come on, give me a righteous, powerful king with trustworthy officials and not-conniving wives every now and then!

The Justice Bao team is completely opposite of almost every other "official" team in the other series that I've seen. Justice Bao and his group are always loyal to each other and they respect each other. In the young Justice Bao series, Zhan Zhao is significantly younger in age than the rest of the group and yet he's the leader of the four guards. He's the best in martial arts and so they trust his skills and don't argue with him. Sounds fake right? Well for some reason with Justice Bao, it's believable.

Like I said before, there've been many, many different versions made of the Justice Bao stories and I haven't even been able to see half of them. There are certain actors that I love in the roles but the good thing about Justice Bao is...he always rocks! Lolz.

I credit that to the characters themselves. The actors have to be good also but I think that the reason that the Justice Bao series has been loved for so long no matter who's production it is is because of the characters. The characters are so just, righteous, honest, and lovable to start with that no matter who portrays them, (cute or ugly or decent), it's still an awesome job well done.

I've seen some of the older series but don't remember much. I heard there was a new series that just came out about the lives of the older Justice Bao, Zhan Zhao, Gongsun Ce, etc. I want to watch it because apparently there's a continuation of Zhan Zhao's love story which I'm dying to be clarified about. I got a link to the movie but the dubbing is weird so I'm gonna wait a bit longer. More on that if I ever find it.

For the moment though, I'll be giving episode recaps and trying my best to review each episode of the third installment in the Young Justice Bao series which it would be right to assume is about Justice Bao when he was younger. Lolz. I saw the first part of the series awhile back, just finished the second part months ago and finally found the third part in vietnamese. I'm not sure if these three parts are supposed to be directly connected with each other because I know there's been a lot of Young Justice Bao stuff. See this is why I need to own everything Justice Bao, so I can tell what's going on! Lolz.

Ok anyway, it might be a little late to start watching the episode now and since I want to write about it as I'm watching it, it'll take maybe twice as long. I have, however, started into the first few minutes and so far...well I'll tell in a little bit.

I'll try to add in screen captures and be as diligent about this as possible.

This is just a taste of the beginning and will be included in the actual post about the first episode so it doesn't count for very much right now.

The story unfolds with the construction of some building. A man, seemingly bright and an expert on the subject of where to build things to receive the best luck, is desperately trying to convince another man, richer obviously, that the place that he's chosen is very lucky. However, in the middle of his convinces, a builder runs over and reports to the two men that they've hit something: Close up on a coffin.

YAYY!!! Raney always said I was good at retelling stories and shizz...That's probably because I was the only one with ever enough time to tell her stories. But let's hope she said it cuz I was actually good at telling stories and this new thing'll go well.

Alrighty, we'll start the reaaaal stuff soon! Chya ne!

O yea...I wonder what the plural of "series" is. I tried "serieses" but that's wrong. So is "seriess" because that's just obviously wrong. My instincts are telling me, and they are most probably right, that the plural of "series" is "series." Lolz. Let's just keep it at that then.

i have a lot of homework since the rest of my midterms are later this week but

...i really wanna start this new thing with my blog and i can't concentrate on anything else until i start this thing so...that's my excuse for my next post.

so i was going to try a real and substantial post but i'm supposed to be doing hw

...and i've been spending so much time doing paperwork and then fixing up the blog that i figure i probably shouldn't be wasting any more time. of course i'll prolly put on another horror movie as i do hw...i think it's completely called for.

and this layout, i love it! it's so cute and colorful but not too much...the background is just the right color to offset the pictures. and the embedded song is nice too...that's good cuz now i won't have to figure out how to put music on my own.

and last night after the ht meeting everyone went out to a buffet. it was my first time going out with them, it was fun, sad to say.

during the late, late dinner a phong started laughing for no reason because we were pretending that we were laughing at cha luan. well anh phong just laughed and laughed and then other people started to laugh and soon we were all laughing and crying. it was one of those "pure happy" moments. it was weird because i hadn't done that since high school. it always felt great. my eyes would tear up and my tummy'd hurt but it would always feel great. it felt extra nice last night since i hadn't done it in a long time.

laughter really is contagious. thank god for that. to do hw!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

i fell up the stairs today.

the girl in front of me stopped at the door and waited to ask if i was ok...i fell and got right up so i guess it was too late for her to run back and help me. the girl behind me didn't help me at all so i closed both the doors on her face.

i fall up the stairs. cuz i can.

but seriously it hurt.

my camera's fixed!!

i don't know how it happened? the lcd screen was messed up just a few days ago and yet yesterday otouto borrowed it and showed me that it wasn't messed up anymore! yay i don't have to buy a new one yay!!

i went on to and downloaded some cool stuff but apparently the only thing that's working well is the tetris. lolz. there was this one program called startrail that left a trail of stars everywhere your mouse went and exploded stars when the mouse stops moving...then 30 minutes later i find out it was only a 30 minute trial. that sucked cuz it was really pretty. and i got another program called clover diary which is totally japanese. but you can only post like once a day instead of as many times as you want like on here. it's easier to post pictures tho...well at least i think. i can always go in and edit the posts i sorta like this more. lolz. we'll see. that clover diary thing is on my computer only so no one can see it, not like anyone sees this anyway. if i do end up using that program then i won't be coming back here...maybe...i dunnoe.


so apparently the trial expires every 30 minutes but all you have to do is reopen it. haha good for me!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

i just did it.

the presentation. it was sooooo nerve wracking. but everyone was nice and they all said i did a good job. i missed my meter mark for parking my car. it's still downstairs and i know i got a ticket because it's already 17 minutes over but i doooo not care. ....wait a min that's 25 bucks right there....ah o well. no junk food for a month, i'm fine. lolz.

so glad it's over and so glad everyone liked it. whew that's a load off my mind. i have another presentation a few weeks from now but now that i got the basic gist, it should be ok. i hope.


screwed screwed omg i'm so screwed.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

i'm screwed!

and i have to go to mass now so there goes two hours down the drain doing nothing! ahhhhhhhh!

i went into the kitchen to find breakfast/lunch and otouto was there

and i brought out the whole box of lobster left overs from the wedding and then rummaged through the other boxes to find rice and maybe some duck. well i found another box of lobster and i go "whoa more lobster" and otouto goes "don't eat it all we have to save it!" ok so there's a whole 6inx6in box of lobster that i already brought out and for some reaon i'm going to eat all of that plus the other box of lobster. because i'm that much of an idiot and want mother to bitch at me and because i'm that much of a pig so i wanna eat it all?

god i'm so sick and tired of all the idiot inconsiderate rude slow boys that i'm surrouded with. usually this type of character comes up when ppl are too comfortable around me. but i think this time i've been too comfortable around otouto. i guess just like with the dance group i should suck it up and act more like an older authority figure rather than a friend.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

i slammed my hand on the door today.

well...yea i never actually knew how the expression goes...i closed the door on my hand? i guess. anyway, it hurt. and otouto goes "ouch." yea...i sorta knew it was ouch, i just closed the door with my hand inbetween the door and the rest of the car so if anyone knew exactly how "ouch" it was, it'd be me. no "you ok?" or "daichobu?" as a joke even. he just goes "ouch." ouch your face! baka. PFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! was sorta inconsiderate so i was in a bad mood most of the day. half cuz i closed the door on my hand, half cuz after i did all my otouto did was go "ouch." ah well, have to get over it, what'd i expect him to do?

anyway, we just came back from a wedding and it was sorta fun.otouto danced. was good. pictures later. tired. so much work left to do. hnrs 131 midterm, finish powerpoint presentation for presentation i have to give at work on monday...and then the other stuff for those other classes. AHHHHHHHHHHH! effers.

Friday, October 3, 2008

i'm cross-stitching!

long story, pictures later, it's looking awesome!

god...i'm so oooooooooooold

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i'm watching sex and the city

the movie on dvd and the scene is where big shows carrie the new closet he fixed up for her and when the shot of the closet went up i actually gasped and my heart jumped.

i want a life like that....sorta.

i have nothing deep or meaningful to say for now cuz i'm trying to enjoy the movie (and do hw) so maybe later.


so...i haven't quite finished the movie but i think it's almost over and...basically what i'm getting from this is no matter how great your guy is he'll always mess up somehow but your girl-friends'll also be there for you heh. no.


"just food and friends"

erm...nope, big dress lotsa money for me and an "in your face" for the rest of the world. or else no go.

so i'm at work right now editing this powerpoint presentation thing that i made to help me present this project that i worked on over the summer.

some ppl from the grants administration asked me to gather all their photos into a collection complete with metadata and everything. it's an ongoing project because there can always be new pictures found or sent to us and stuff. anyway, the ppl who asked me to do the project asked me to present it to the other ppl in the grants branch and i got really, really nervous. i thot, well, if it goes well then either one) fine w.e. or two) they could go and tell my supervisor and/or the chief of the division about how well i did and something good'd happen. or it could totally suck at which point i hope they don't tell anyone. help with my nerves i decided to make a powerpoint presentation so that i'll have something to do as i talk and stuff. i utterly SUCK at presentations, i always get nervous and my voice gets high or cracks, it's terrible, really.

at first it was only going to be the grants branch, and not all of them might even come, but if they all did come it would be like...about six people not including me and the two ppl who asked me to do the project in the first place. on monday however, i went into their office to show them what i'd already had and so for some reason they decided to invite a total of about 16 people. 16! from 16! they kept going "o we should invite...o and also...o and they would wanna see this too..." as i sat there and thot..."kill me now."

i mean, not everyone they invite is going to come...but a lot might. and everyone invited does know who i am so they'll be nice to me but...this is a work presentation, i can't mess up. they didn't invite the division chief but they invited his deputy. and they invited my supervisor.

i'm scared! i mean, i got the material pretty much down since i created the whole thing from start to present but still...omg presentations! so many ppl! my future could be at stake here!

ah i'm in the process of editing what i already have and the first presentation is scheduled for next monday. "first" presentation because just in case ppl want to see but can't make it on monday, they can come on another day. should be alright and maybe i'll turn out well like..i'll get promoted. lolz. when i think about it it doesn't seem like a very big major project, but they think it's huge, but it's ongoing and they want me to continue with it at least for awhile. and this is just a "look what we got" kinda thing, they're hoping that the other ppl from the grants branch would want their own collection developed and...well...who better to start it than me? the one who did the originial collection?

i'm thinking waaaaaaaay too far ahead. none of this might happen. i'll probably just give the presentation and they'll all go, bravo she's pretty competent...and that'll be it. but....


and they're making me sound better than i actually am. i'm not just being insecure. eh i dunnoe. this is probably a very good opportunity for me to lightly establish myself at work so i'm gonna do my uber best. fighto! CO LEN!