Sunday, September 28, 2008

next week there's gonna be two weddings.

the first one is a youth group leader's, and the second one's is the daughter of my godmother. i'm going to the second one. at first when the invite from the youth group leader was sent to us it was only an invite to the mass, but then she went up to me and some other new leaders and asked us to come and i thot it was just to the mass but then yesterday she was talking to me and said she's going to set a place at the tables for me and i had to tell her that i'm going to the other one. i guess if i did go to hers then she'd prolly sit me next to the other youth group leaders and i know more of them, altho i'm not close with them much i would be talking to them and stuff. but then with the godmother's daughter, they're practically family, but i wouldn't know anybody except the godmother's immediate family, and they have only five ppl. and the youngest daughter, who's actually a friend of mine, will probably be a bridesmaid so she won't be free to hang around. and my brother'll want to hang with the son and they won't let me in on anything when they're together, and mother has her friends....i wouldn't hang around her anyway but still. then again it's not like there's any way i can get out of it now.

it's not like i don't want to go to the godmother's daughter's's just that i feel sorta bad for not going to the other one, the youth group leader's. o well, i'm playing for her mass...that should be enough. lolz.

and i guess it shouldn't matter who i know or don't know who's attending the wedding. it's the bride's (...and groom's) day and the bride is my godmother's daughter so, that's more important.

all this talk about weddings...aishhh. imma go look at some wedding gowns, juuuuust for the fun of it.