Sunday, September 21, 2008

the other day...thursday...i had a test for govt. 132.

i've been skipping the last four classes of that class, like i said before. so i get in there and started the test. out of 40 questions i recognized and was sure of like...3...i saw that some questions from the study guide he'd posted a week or so ago was on the test, exact question and answer choices, i just didn't know which one was right. then after the test i went to turn it in and he asked me if i had any questions because he was asking everyone that as they turned in their test and i said no and he took my test then did a double take cuz he prollie was thinking "i've never seen her in my class before" so i walked away really quickly and brushed my hair out so that it was covering my face. to make matters i was walking to the student building i walked by some other kids in my class and they were talking about how utterly easy the test was. and i checked my grade this morning...i got a D.

he talked a bit before the test started to clarify and answer questions and i was observing him the whole time and thought...firstly...he's sorta hot, he stands really far away cuz i sit near the back but still, his posture and accent is totally attractive...he has a kid my age, haha! and secondly, he's really smart. not like, snobby smart, like i wanna share what i learned smart. and he wasn't boring really. then later that day as i was leaving, on the bus i tried to read the text for the first time and so just decided to start on the chapter of the new section, and i sat there and laughed to myself. they were talking about aliens and ET and stuff, it was funny!

so basically, i don't really have any real reason to keep skipping this class. when it used to be because i needed time to finish french, i always ended up not being able to finish french anyway....and then i'd go to class and the prof wouldn't even go over that part of the hw, or she would but she would just talk, not ask us anything. i know i'm gonna fail french, so why fail both french and government? one's enough i think!

so yea, now i'm taking notes on the notes for govt. that the prof posted up online and imma start going to his class.

i'd skip french if i could...but i can't. shame.