Monday, September 15, 2008

omg i had the weirdest thing happen to me last night.

it was soo creepy beyond freaking reason. ok so i have a hamster named suju and he eats a LOT. a LOT a lot a lot. otouto told me to just give him a spoonful of food a day so that he can get used to not eating so much and stuff. but i always feel bad for him because sometimes i'd forget...and i haven't been playing with him because he's bit me like twice so i'm sorta scared of sometimes i just pour a bunch of food into his cage. like i said sometimes i'd forget so he would have to gnaw at the cage bottom and he usually does that at night. then i'd wake up in the morning and just pour a bunch of food into his cage and usually he's fine.

anyway, yesterday i watched two horror movies. one in the morning and one at night. the first one had like a ghost/zombie thing to was stupid, and the other one was a slasher thing that, even though i'm not a big slasher fan at all, i think everyone should watch, especially teachers, because i think it's an awesome movie that has a good message for teachers. anyway...i went to bed and for some reason i wake up at 330am and threw the blankets off me a little. i always have my ac on full blast and my fan on high so then i started getting cold. i wanted to move to pull my blanket on me again but i couldn't bring myself to move anything. literally i was stuck there. i don't know why! my limbs felt tired and i thought that it would require a lot of energy to move them. i had dance practice on saturday but it wasn't that rigorous. anyway i just lied (spelling?) there with my eyes closed but opening them every few seconds. as i was lying there i could hear SuJu biting at the cage bottom so i thought poor guy i'll give you some food. then i realized that i'd been lying there for what i thought must've been like 10 minutes but it was still 330am. so then i was like ok creepy so i decided to let him be for a bit and i'll just get up at 4am to give him food. so i lie there but can't sleep and about 15 mins later, or so i thought, i looked at the clock and it was only 338am. man was i freakin out! why'd i decide to stay in bed until 4am you ask? something about 3 being the witching hour and i thought that if i stepped foot over my bed something would grab me. so at one point...i'm still lying there freaking out and i look down at my blanket. it's high enough so that it's covering my chest but all i can do is look at it. with a lot of will power i finally move my arm and it feels like it weighs tons. i pull up my blanket and try to brush everything off as a fluke, i'm just weak or something. so with a lot of energy i pull my blankets up to my chin again. then i'm still lying there because i still can't sleep! SuJu's wheel that he runs on all the time makes a lot of noise. it squeeks all the time so i'm sorta used to the squeeking. for some reason, this morning it started squeeking this weird noise...not like it usually does. and i know you're thinking it's still a squeek who cares? but i do because it sounded so odd! it sounded like the squeeking wasn't coming from his wheel but from something else. and then his wheel started squeeking like normal again. so now you're prollie thinking...he was just walking really slowly on his wheel? ok that's fine too. but at that time i hadn't gotten up to feed him yet so he was just gnawing at his cage bottom and two seconds later he's walking nice and calmly on his wheel? i can't remember if i could hear him gnawing at the same time as the i woulda cried if that'd happened. one point i went back to sleep...and i can't remember if this next thing happened before i went back to sleep or if i woke up again really briefly later on...i heard this really, really quick whooshhh to the right of my bed where my clothes drawer, tv, mirror, SuJu is. it sounded like something had been knocked down was like the noise the wind makes or whatever when something gets knocked down, not the noise of something hitting the floor. albeit the floor is carpet but i mean, it sounded like whatever it was fell from high up so it had to have made some noise. miraculously i just went right back to sleep, i was tired from the half hour of fear before. o yea and in the morning i woke up and poured food into SuJu's cage and left the room but when i came back he was gnawing again. but then again he's a pampered hamster so he does what he wants.

anyway!!! that was the experience...i was so scared the whole time! i told myself that maybe i should stop watching horror movies but...there was a time last year when i was such an avid horror movie watcher...then i stopped a bit and have only restarted again during these past few weeks. maybe i just have a really vivid imagination that i should probably try to put to good use but can't.

o well.